Friday 15 January 2021

Fun, Educational Programs to Watch as a Family


With so much media and entertainment available for consumption, you need to wade through the bad to find the good — or do you? Put screen time to good use by encouraging your children to watch informative shows that spark creativity and imagination. The programs your children watch may even influence their career decisions.


Keep reading to discover 10 fun educational programs to watch as a family.

1. Ask the Storybots 

This kid-friendly show is available to stream on Netflix. Three seasons are out already, which means there’s plenty of content to keep your youngsters entertained and intrigued. The series follows five creatures as they track down the answers to popular kid questions.


This humorous educational program should go on your must-watch list if you have preschool-aged children. You’ll especially enjoy the informative music video featured at the end of each episode.

2. WordGirl

Word Girl combats the evil in her city using her impressive vocabulary and superhuman strength. Watch her overcome great challenges and defeat enemies using her words and wit. Word Girl makes spelling fun and vocabulary cool — plus kids will love watching her adorable monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face.

For the greatest educational impact, parents should watch the show with their children to support their learning. It’s available on PBS Kids, Youtube TV and Amazon Prime.

3. Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation 

Inspire your child’s curiosity and improve your child’s logical reasoning with this STEM inspired series. Entertaining stories about historical and modern visionaries will teach children about the turning points that changed history. It also covers modern inventions and innovations impacting the world today.

This fascinating educational program will draw in children and parents alike. It’s available to view on Pluto TV, Youtube TV and Sling TV.

4. Wild Kratts

Brothers Martin and Chris Kratts have teamed up again to star in this animated series. Each episode follows the zoologists as they encounter wild animals during their adventures. Children will learn new and exciting science concepts showcasing wildlife moments. Following themes like mystery, adventure and rescue, Wild Kratts is sure to intrigue young children.

If your kids love animals and wildlife, this humorous show is worth checking out. You and your family can watch this program on PBS Kids, Youtube TV and Amazon Prime.

5. Julie’s Greenroom

Staring celebrity, Julie Andrews, this educational and kid-friendly show is guaranteed to make you smile. Ms. Julie explores elements of performing arts with a unique cast of puppets called “The Greenies.” If your children love the theatre, then this heartwarming program will spark their interest. The various episodes feature guest celebrities like Idina Menzel, Alec Baldwin and Sara Bareilles.


The show is available to stream on Netflix, so check it out!

6. The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again

The classic Magic School Bus adventures make a reappearance in this popular reboot. You and your kids can follow along as Ms. Frizzle’s younger sister, Fiona, takes the wheel. She’ll lead the class on wild adventures and explain fun science concepts along the way. This show is entertaining, so it’s easy to forget it’s also educational!

If this original with a twist has piqued your interest, you and your family can view it on Netflix. Then again, the original Magic Schoolbus series is also on Netflix, so why not watch both?

7. Chill With Bob Ross 

Parents may recognize this title, as Bob Ross has graced the screens of TV since the 1980s. His artwork and painting videos are relaxing and carefree. In fact, he makes viewers feel like anyone can become an artist. This series is excellent to watch with kids of all ages. For added educational benefits, watch the show while hosting an impromptu painting class at home.

Making art allows children to express themselves, which can help to combat depression and anxiety. Older adults who participate can improve their memory, resilience and reasoning through artistic expression. Lucky for your family, it’s available to stream on Youtube TV and Amazon Prime.

8. Mythbusters

As the title suggests, this educational series aims to discover which myths are fact versus fiction. Viewers will laugh along with the hosts as they tackle some of life’s greatest misconceptions. Tweens and teens will appreciate this series more than youngsters because of it’s detailed explanations.

If your kids love mysteries, urban legends or myths, then this show is worth viewing. It’s available on Hulu, Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime, Youtube TV and iTunes.

9. Planet Earth

Your entire family will gasp with delight as they view the breath-taking footage shown on Planet Earth. This Emmy award-winning nature documentary series displays some of Earth’s wonders, such as stunning deserts and oceans. As your children learn about the planet and its many marvels, they’ll feel relaxed and untroubled.

It’s available to watch on Discovery Plus, Youtube and Amazon Prime.

10. Antiques Roadshow

PBS describes the series as part treasure hunt, part adventure and part history lesson — what more could you ask for from an educational series? While this show may be too serious for young children, it will enthrall teens and adults. Throughout the series, specialists appraise various items such as antiques and fine art leading collectors to quickly discover whether their goods are trash or treasure.

Viewers will delight in guessing the value of the items appraised. The program offers kids a chance to become informed about antiquities without getting bogged down with too many details. You can watch episodes with your family on PBS or Amazon Prime.

Passions Drive Learning 

Which will you choose now that you know 10 fun educational programs to watch as a family? When trying to decide where to start, think of your child’s interests and passions. Remember, you can always try a new show each week until you discover a favorite.

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