Ways To Avoid Going To Court In A Vehicle Accident

Accidents happen and that’s just something we need to make our peace with! There are a million and one ways to get into an accident and a million ways to avoid them. Believe it or not there are still a large number of drivers texting and driving and wondering why they keep crashing their cars. Cell phones are such an amazing creation but just like drugs and alcohol when used the wrong way it can create catastrophic results! Here are a few ways you can avoid going to court in your next motor vehicle accident. 

Dash cam footage has saved some people from false charges and squashed allegations. Dash cams can record as much or as little as your willing to pay for and can help if someone is trying to deny their wrong doings. Dash cam installation is a simple process and very inexpensive. It may be worth it if you drive in a large city everyday where accidents are a regular occurrence. 

Unique apps and features have been added to our phones and vehicles to ensure we aren’t using our cell phones while driving. Bluetooth has been a huge help for those who need to communicate on their commute and now they have even more cool apps and features to help with this. Now your car can answer messages for you, block calls while your driving and show you your texts on your dash so you have your hands free. This can save a lot of lives and injuries for those who can’t put their phones down. Try these new features and apps to save you from crashing and causing problems for yourself.

Add a crash pack to your car. Place a bag with a pen, paper, registration, and tips to remember in an accident into your glove box so you can record information if you are ever hit. Having a tip sheet helps a lot because when you are flustered you don’t remember everything. Always remember to take photos of the vehicles and the area to ensure it is all documented especially if the first responders do not need to arrive you will be the only one recording information besides the other party. 

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