Thursday 21 January 2021

Which Landscaping Projects Bring Up Your Property Value?

Winter is still in full swing but it may be time to start thinking about what projects you want to tackle in the spring. There are a large number of landscaping projects you can do to increase your property value and raise your appraisal for next year! 

Adding a lawn is one of the most popular projects when landscaping Toronto. Many brand new homes come with nothing more than a dirt lot in the front which doesn’t bring much curb appeal and takes away from the beauty of the gorgeous new home. Lawns bring up the value of the home making it more appealing to buyers in the future with kids and pets. 

The addition of trees can always be a welcomed addition if well maintained and used for lining the property or providing shade in the hot summer months. Trees can be a pain if the right kind isn’t selected and they aren’t properly planted and pruned. Too many trees on a property can cause property damage and make the situation worse. 

Water features can be a tricky addition to any property everything from ponds to pools are considered when buyers are seeking a property and this can really split the market depending on many different variables. Many people would prefer a property without a water feature and some are on the market for a specific home with a water feature. 

Retaining walls and decorative pathways can make any yard look gorgeous but remember everyone has their own individual style and taste. Try to maintain a simple style that everyone will appreciate with low maintenance and easily accessible pathways just in case you are looking to sell in the future. Homes that are harder to maintain can be harder to sell if the buyer has to start the yard from scratch due to over planting and excessive decor.

Hopefully these tips will help you to make the right decisions in your next landscaping projects this spring and bring your property value up. 

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