Saturday 27 February 2021

How to Maintain Rayon At Home

Treat the fabric with care with just a few handy tips from us!

Rayon is a very versatile and multipurpose material indeed. And since it is often used in many households,

people keep on wondering how to take care of it correctly to not ruin the item.

And even though rayon can not be called a delicate fabric, being aware of how to deal with it can save you

tons of time and help to avoid any unpleasant accidents when washing the material.

Briefly About Rayon. What Is It?

Before we proceed to our tips list, let us first recall what this fiber is in fact. People often call rayon a fifty-fifty

fiber because, on the one side, it is made of cellulose which is a sort of natural plant fiber that is derived from

wood pulp.

But on the other side of a coin, there is a heavy chemical procession that rayon fibers come through during the

manufacturing process. This is why it will be more correct to refer to it as a semi-synthetic material.

Due to its mixed origin, rayon has quite useful properties and good characteristics, even though

this material tends to wrinkle and distort when getting wet. Nevertheless, most of its properties are rather

appealing to customers:

  • it is soft

  • the material is known for having an excellent drape

  • rayon can be easily dyed, and the final color will look brilliant!

  • the fabric is lightweight

  • it is breathable

  • its absorbency ability is also pretty good unlike some other artificial fibers

But even if the material is partly artificial, it does not mean we can carelessly treat it and pay no attention to

how it is washed or stored. To be sure your rayon items are always neat-looking, consider using several basic

care tips we suggest.

Where It Is Used

Rayon is quite a multipurpose material. Most of us assume it is only used for making garments, but in

fact, this cellulose material has way more areas of application.

  • clothing (dresses, blouses, and even socks)

  • furnishing (bed sheets, blankets, covers)

  • curtains

  • carpets

  • medical bandages and surgical dressing

  • rayon is even used in the tire industry for manufacturing the tire code!

But still, maintaining this fabric that is used for household and daily purposes is a rather delicate


Rayon Care Complete Instruction

So, basically, what do we mean by taking care of a fabric? That’s right, it is laundering, ironing, drying, and

storing it. And all these steps are the same important for rayon of course.

  1. How to iron

Such a seemingly simple process has certain nuances when it comes to rayon. See, this material (well, most

of its types) tends to wrinkle excessively after being laundered, and fighting those wrinkles can turn into a

true nightmare! This is why we recommend iron rayon when it is still slightly damp.

Simply set the iron to the medium-hot setting, and use it on the wrong/opposite side of the fabric. As one of

the means of extra protection, make use of pressing cloth to place it between the iron and the material since

heat can leave glossy marks on this fabric after direct contact.

It would be even better if you managed to steam those wrinkles out since this approach is gentler in

comparison to simple ironing which often leads to scorching of cellulose.

  1. A bit about storage

Let’s agree, we don’t pay much attention to how we store our clothing. What we usually do is shove the pile

of wrinkled and non-ironed garments into the wardrobe. And if we are in a good mood, we can even find

some time to hang those on the hangers.

But with rayon, we must be especially attentive. This fabric is better to be kept either on hangers or placed

flat on a stiff and even surface like wardrobe shelves. But avoid using metal hangers since they will leave

rusty marks on your garments!

  1. How to fight the stains

Stains are always a great concern, especially on such demanding synthetics like rayon. And even though they

usually come out easily after the proper laundry, some stubborn ones may need more attention and time.

If you faced such a situation, simply prepare a homemade solution made of equal parts of white acetum and

aqua, and apply it to the damaged area. After letting it work for ten minutes, blot the mark carefully with a

wet towel and finish blotting using a dry towel instead. 

  1. What about laundering?

Even though rayon can technically be machine-washed, it is better to launder it manually since like that, the

item will hold up way better over time. Besides, hand washing is much gentler and prevents any damages to

an item. The only thing you must remember is never to wring or twist the wet rayon and wash it in cool water

with a gentle laundering product!

To do everything right, immerse the rayon item into a sink filled with cool water, add some washing product,

and agitate it there gently. After sinking the item for like a quarter of an hour, take it out, and rinse under the

running water to remove sudsy leftovers.

For deleting the excessive moisture, roll the item up in a towel.

Remember to shape the garment back to its initial form since rayon fibers get easily misshapen when wet, and

the item can easily tear or distort. For the same reason, avoid using a tumble dryer or washer.

So, as you could already guess, rayon is a rather tricky fabric despite its men-made origin and seeming

strength. And since it is widely used in our daily life not only in clothing we wear but also in the items we

make use of frequently (like upholstery or home textile), being able to take care of it is mandatory.

When being properly cared for, rayon will not only preserve its nice appearance and beneficial characteristics,

it will also serve you longer. 

Remember that and good luck!

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