Wednesday 17 February 2021

How Wedge Wire Screens are different from other Screens?


Wedge wire screens can be customized as per the requirement for the specific screening application. It is a product made of looped wires. These individual wedge wires are used to build into panels and many other shapes based on the demanded requirement of the customer.


These wedge wire screens are also can be used as filtration to minimize clogging. The welded steel structure is specially designed to imply filtration and separation. It has longer life as it is made up of stainless steel and all are welded nicely.


The wedge wires are available for customers in different shapes and sizes. For instance, slot tubes, cylinders, flat welded screens, continuous cylinders, conical baskets, and many more.



The wedge wire screens are also made up of support rods that prevent blocking easily. This can be washed numerous times and used for longer periods. In this way, there is no need to replace the product sooner and saves lots of purchasing costs.



The surface of this wedge wire screen is smooth and does not have an angular direction. It allows the material to flow fluently without any bumps in between the process.



Based on the requirement the wire is bent into the structure which ensures the size slot to be accurate. The solid rod and the wedge wire support the screen together that makes it solid and lasts for a longer lifespan.



The wedge wire screen can be formed into different shapes such as round, plate, cylinder, rectangle, camber, basket, fan-shaped, and many others. It depends on the requirement and process the product will be used. This will help the user to use the product conveniently.  



The wire is welded until it produces the rigid unit. This makes them attain high strength and greater resistance. It lasts longer and can resist the different pressure points and temperatures.


Precise opening Size: 

Precise slot sizes are available for meeting the different requirements. Screens will be fabricated with the openings beginning from 0.025mm to 12.5mm. This is precisely to increment different particles dependably resins, catalysts, filter sands, and many other smaller size particles.



The helically wrapping parallel rods act as a support with a V-shaped wire for processing. This will decrease the slot procedures to two-point contact of the particles in the filtration. This will eliminate the maximum clogging points and creates a smooth flow.



Based on the benefits such as long life, customized shaping, and many others makes it an economically ideal product. There is no need to replace the product sooner and can be used it for longer periods with minimal maintenance.


These are some of the beneficial features of wedge wire screens that make it an ideal one for the users all the time. There are many more to be listed out and these are the major points to be considered while looking into the wedge wire screens.

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