Monday 15 February 2021

Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

Love is such a tricky emotion, we all want it so bad and enjoy sharing it with others, but sometimes it can be hard to enjoy all the time. Heart ache, loneliness, deception, and other emotions always tend to wiggle their way in. If more couples took the time to enjoy positive emotions and stop dwelling on the negative ones there would be many more happy marriages lasting many more years these days. There are plenty of things you can do to show the one you love most how much you care and how much your willing to work to keep your relationship strong, it’s not just Valentine’s Day that is meant for showing your love!

Keep Talking! Take the time and effort to talk about important things each and every day. Keep it light for the most part and if you do choose to start discussing finances remember money comes and goes but love can last forever. The vast majority of all marriages and couples are broken up over money troubles and it can be avoided if you speak to each other regularly, don’t keep secrets, and work things out together! Discuss sex  plan your future, share stories about your day, and have fun communicating on a more intimate way! 

Plan together! Take the time to plan your future together rather than pulling forward and telling the other person what you plan on doing. Relationships need to be 50/50 and decisions need to be made together otherwise someone feels left in the dark. Whether you want to start a family, buy a home, get new tattoos, buy a new vehicle it is always worth discussing first. Building a life together means letting the other person know everything your thinking in a positive way.

Stay Fresh In Bed! Sex should be had regularly to enjoy each other’s company. Being with another person means giving and taking and if you have needs you need to fill it’s time to start telling your partner. Sexually speaking the human body is a taunting treat dangling in front of us daily, what with free porn, Instagram models, beautiful people all around us, sometimes keeping your eyes from wandering is a tough thing for some people with a higher sex drive. If you want your partner to keep their eyes on you only it may be time you offered more loving, more often. 

Become Adventurous! Taking risks and exploring each others bodies is something couples need to do to stay close and grow even closer. If your thinking about trying something new it may be time to bring it up. If there is something that can be improved on in bed let them know so they aren’t blind to your needs. Discussing what happens in the bedroom is so important so you both get what you need when your making love! Lelo has everything you will ever need to keep exploring and grow together for years to come! 

Make everyday special! Buy your partner treats, flowers, clothes or whatever they like most on a whim more often. Be spontaneous and plan surprises for them, take lots of photos together to remember the times you spent and enjoy every second of everyday while you still can! 

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