Friday 12 February 2021

Spring Cleaning Tasks To Complete During Covid

There is a whole lot of nothing to do these days due to the covid pandemic and we are all looking for ways to fill the time voids. Cleaning isn’t always the most exciting way to spend your time and energy but it can really help your mental health and wallet when you declutter and let go of possessions. If it hasn’t brought you joy in the last year it’s time to go, if you haven’t cleaned it in the last month it’s time to get it done, there are a vast number of chores we can all tackle this spring so start making a list for when the weather gets warm. 

Thoroughly clean all of your appliances from top to bottom. You would not believe how often people discover they need help from appliance repair professionals after they start a deep clean on their products. You won’t know if something is broken or requires a replacement part until you start tackling the deep clean, sometimes we need a professional to help change filters, tubes, electrical components and more. 

Wash all of your window fixtures weather they are blinds or curtains they can hold a lot of dust and allergens. This gives you a fresh perspective on the windows as well so clean them while they are naked so you can give them a good thorough scrubbing. 

Get your carpets cleaned if you don’t own a carpet cleaner of your own. You can also rent a machine for a day or two if you don’t want to pay someone else to do it. Carpets can hold a lot of germs and allergens as well and keeping them fresh and clean makes the whole house look and feel better! 

Purge everyone’s closet and sell what you can and donate the rest. If you haven’t worn it in the last year it could probably make someone else happy and give you some extra cash in your wallet. Nothing makes me feel better then decluttering and making money. The feeling is absolutely one of my favourites and can really help you become more of a positive person if you do the same. 

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