Tuesday 30 March 2021

Cool Artwork Ideas for Your Home

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Is the décor in your home lacking in interest? Maybe you don’t even have much in terms of décor, and you’re looking for a way to inject a little personality and style into your house. If that’s the case, artwork can certainly do the trick,adding a sense of style, uniqueness, and personality to a room. It can help to bring a design concept together, creating flow in not just one room, but the entire house. 

For those who are new to shopping for artwork, it can feel a bit daunting. There is just such a huge selection available thatit can be hard to pinpoint what is best for your home. To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of cool artwork ideas that you can use in your home that are sure to transform the space.

Focus on How You Group Items

Sometimes, it's not about the specific artwork pieces that you choose; instead, it comes down to how you group pieces together. Rather than choosing all the same size and shape frames, mix it up and create interesting groupings. You can stagger them so they aren't all level, and really make it look interesting to the eye. This is also a great way to make otherwise “boring” art look much more high-end and luxe.

Splurge on the Frames Rather Than the Artwork

If you've been focused on finding the perfect art to hang on your walls, it's time to step out of that box and start looking at the frames instead. Frames give you a way to tie design and colour concepts together, and even create a theme. You can take a really simple item such as a poster, use a spectacular statement making frame, and suddenly you’ve got something really beautiful and interesting on your wall.

Create Your Own Map Artwork

Here’s another cool idea that will have you acting as the artist. Looking for ways to create your own artwork that can be framed will add that “wow” factor which mass-produced pieces lack. Check out craftoak.com for ideas on how you can choose a specific map that holds significance for you, customise it, and then transform it into artwork. You’ll end up with something that instantly becomes a keepsake, yet looks really sleek and cool on the wall in your home.

Shadow Boxes Allow for Shape and Dimension

Be sure to also look at shadow box frames as another cool idea. These provide shape and dimension to your typical boring flat walls. Shadow boxes look like a frame, but they are in fact a small box that allows you to place items in them to display. You can place such things as dried flowers, a jersey, medals, baby slippers, seashells, the list goes on and on. These boxes are extremely versatile and provide some really great results.

If you’re ready to shake things up in your home and add some cool artwork, these ideas can certainly help get you started with the transformation.

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