Tuesday 23 March 2021

Simple ways to avoid accidents as a new driver

Whether we want to believe it or not all these tiny humans running around will one day be driving in our streets. As parents we want all of our kids to be safe, courteous drivers that don’t get into accidents. There are a number of safety tips we can give our kids as they begin training for driving and they are not your basic to do’s. To avoid accidents and dealing with expensive collision repair Kleinburg teach your kids these unusual tips. 

Let them know they can call you whenever they feel unsafe to drive. Your kids are going to get into drinking and possibly experiment with other substances some time in their lives. Don’t focus solely on lecturing them about not doing drugs but let them know they can call on you for a safe ride home if anything ever put them under the influence. This doesn’t even have to be just drugs and alcohol sometimes you can suddenly feel so ill that it is no longer safe for you to drive. Other times you may have tried a new medication and it made you feel off, if this is the case let them know it is ok to call you for a safe ride home so they done put themselves and others in danger. 

Teach them basic car maintenance skills. Many young people these days can’t even change a tire on their vehicle and have to call for help. Others don’t know how to change their own oil or even check their oil levels without help. Teach them how to change a tire, where their spare is, what to do if their emergency lights come on or something starts steaming under the hood. Knowing these basics will help them when they are out and about and something arises. 

Get them proper hands free technology and Bluetooth capabilities in their vehicles so they can avoid distracted driving. This is such a huge problem with young people and it can easily be solved with the proper tech gadgets. Even older vehicles can have Bluetooth capabilities with the proper tech. 

Teach them that driving is a privilege and not a right. Too many spoon fed kids these days feel they have a right to be on the road and can do whatever they want while driving, this is not true and you need to drill that into their heads so they aren’t entitled behind the wheel and respect others and themselves when driving. 

These simple but logical tips will help to teach your child the dangers of ignorance and how to be a responsible vehicle operator. 

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