Monday 12 April 2021

How To Choose The Best Sliding Door For Your Home?

Looking for a new way to open up your home to the great outdoors? Choose the best sliding door! A sliding door, also known as a sliding glass door or a glider, is a double-panel glass door that slides smoothly along a fixed track and that gives you a clear view of your backyard 24 hours a day.

Sliding Doors

When picking the best sliding door for your home or office can be a task though, it may look simply but the task needs to be done with utmost care. You can choose some aluminum, a steel or a wooden door for both domestic and commercial purposes.

When you are ready to purchase sliding door, take the following tips to help you buy the best sliding door:

  1. Style And Requirements

Think a little about what kind of style your space has or you want. Once you have decided to purchase sliding door, list down the following to get the best sliding doors.

  • What is your budget
  • What kind of temperatures and climates you witness
  • The color, finish, pattern and hardware
  • The style of door for inside or outside
  • Also check how the hinges work
  • Experiment with different types and styles for door knobs
  • You can also check if they work well for your granny flat office spaces
  1. Review the type of sliding doors available
  • Sliding patio door: these are also known as bypass or gliding door. They are ideal anywhere there is space concern. These are best sliding doors for weekend cabins, tight balconies. These are sleek, modern and contemporary in appearance, they include multiple locking system.
  • Hinged patio door: they are also known as traditional door. There are 2 types of hinged patio door French style and bi-parting door. These doors are hinged with the wall or frame and they open either towards the inside of the house or outside.
  • Folding patio door: these are the best sliding door for separating areas in a house or office. It helps your convert 1 big room into 2 smaller rooms and then convert it back to bigger room whenever required.
  1. Frame material

A sliding patio door frame (both interior and exterior) is also key to the function of your door and will also enhance or detract from the overall aesthetic of your home.

There are three commonly used framing materials:

  • Wood - elegant, traditional and more expensive relative to other materials. Wood frames require the most maintenance and are most susceptible to weather-based damage.
  • Vinyl - inexpensive and cost-efficient, but extreme temperature shifts can cause cracks. Vinyl is less susceptible to damage than wood. It provides natural light, and the normal room temperature of your home can easily be maintained.
  • Fiberglass - can look like wood, without the drawbacks. Fiberglass is often looked at as a happy medium between the elegance of wood and the relative durability of vinyl.
  • Aluminum or steel- these are cost effective alternatives but not energy efficient.
Sliding Doors

Vinyl is typically the least expensive framing option but may sustain damage due to shifting temperatures.

  1. Security

you need to consider the internal locking system that prevents your doors from being opened from outside As for the glass, choose options that offer high resistance to impact like tempered glass, double-laminated glass or polycarbonate glass, all of which are stronger than regular glass and offer varying degrees of protection from impact.

Since your patio door will be a focal point in the overall design of your home, you should ensure it gels well with the overall architecture of your home. Sliding glass doors are ideal if you want your interior space to extend naturally into your exterior space and open your home to a gorgeous view all day long.

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