Monday 17 May 2021

8 Captivating Home Decor Ideas for The Summers


Ah, summers are finally here, and there is nothing more exciting than renovating your house for summers. Many people want to give a warm welcome to this season as it is everyone’s favorite. So why not make the most of this season and decorate your home accordingly?

Since summers are mostly spent outside the house, it is better to focus a little on the front yard. Children usually do most of their activities outside, and adults mostly plan a nice barbecue party. Whatever the reason, modifying your house for the summers will give it a fresh new look. Not just that, but it is a great way to take your mind off the current pandemic and do something fun. By decorating your home, you will change the look of your house and feel better about it. It can be therapeutic, and you do not have to go overboard with the decorations. A simple yet chic décor within your budget would do the job nicely.

Now, there are many unique and easy ways to bring life to your home in summers. For your ease, here are eight captivating and inspiring home décor ideas for the summers. If summers are around the corner, it is best to indulge in these ideas right away.

1-      Resin home décor

Let’s start with this shiny and sturdy material, resin, which can come in handy while decorating your house. Many people have used it for arts and crafts, so what’s stopping you from using it? Undoubtedly, furniture and decorative items made with Epoxy Resin can elevate your house. You can invest in dining tables, and dressers made out of resin and bring some shine to the interior. You can also play around with this material and make some cute showpieces and platters with it. It is an excellent material to show off your collectibles, plants, and flowers around the house.

2-      Summers mean a nice pop of color everywhere

A little more color to your house won’t do you any harm. Summers are all about bright tones, so why not add a nice pop of color? Now, it is up to you which colors to choose and how to improvise. If you want to decorate a comfortable outdoor setting, add a nice set of sofa or bamboo chairs on the patio. For indoors, you can invest in some bright colored pillows and summery throws for your lounge area. You can also purchase matching wall arts to hang in the dining hall or buy some cool wallpapers for different rooms. In reality, the options are limitless when it comes to coloring up your place.

3-      Accessorize a little

Who says little things do not matter? Accessorizing is the key while decorating the house, where even the little things count. Another idea is to engage in some arts and crafts activity with your family members. Handmade accessories are closer to the heart and carry sentimental value. By going for handcrafted accessories and timeless showpieces, you will bring the whole summer look together. Also, you can replace the wall frames with some woven wall hangings for a boho look.

4-      Play with some patterns

Another creative way to decorate your house is by adding rugs and patterns indoors and outdoors. You can easily find cool summer prints from a nearby furniture store. If you have a proper seating arrangement for the outdoors, add a patterned rug to complement it. For indoors, you can always go with your instinct and see where you need some more colors. You can choose a theme for your interior and buy patterned accessories accordingly.

5-      Outdoor lighting for a better view

What are summers without a bit of warm lighting to brighten up the house? Nowadays, people are investing in string lights which create a lovely outdoor ambiance. You can also take some inspiration from restaurants with outdoor seating. They have excellent patio arrangements, and you can improvise if necessary. Outdoor lighting helps in creating a magical space, which looks super amazing at night-time events or parties.

6-      New shower curtains for bathrooms

Replacing old stuff with new stuff gives a refreshing look to your house. While paying attention to other areas of the house, do not forget about the bathrooms. By changing the shower curtains seasonally, you will keep the bathroom decor in check. Consider this an easy and affordable way to upgrade your bathroom. Try to go for some floral or cute patterns for the curtains, and no, you do not have to throw away the old ones. You can keep them saved for the next season and keep rotating the curtains frequently. To add some extra magic, pair your shower curtains with seasonal towels. It will elevate your mood without putting in much effort.

7-      Experiment with some summer scents

Do not just go after the visuals; try experimenting with some summer scents too. Citrusy, floral, and tropical scents can relax anyone around the house, especially the busy souls. There are many brands offering summer scents, but it is best to invest in summer scented candles. Although scented candles can be costly, you can always look for inexpensive options. Pair your scented candles with antique diffusers and candle holders for more of a customized look.

8-      Create a casual living space

Summers call for a casual living space setting, where your family members can sit and have quality time together. You don’t have to spend a lot and go fancy with this decorating idea. Just try to keep it casual and chic by adding some floor cushions, bean bags, and soft pillows. Lounging is probably something we all do in summers. Therefore, creating an exclusive lounging will solve most of your worries. If you have a small corner that needs decorating, turn it into a nice, cozy place to rest.

The Bottom Line:

You can give a refreshing makeover to your house by trying out various home décor ideas. From bright colors to intricate patterns, there are many ways to redo your place. So, pick up the pace and start renovating your house little by little. In the end, you will fall in love with the overall look. So do not sit unprepared and regret not doing anything for summers. Get up and do the needful to make your home feel like tropical heaven. 

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