Friday 21 May 2021

Six Benefits Of Doing Your Funeral Preplanning


Planning your funeral isn't an "I'm feeling on top of the world" feeling. Honestly, why would it be? But you know what, there's tremendous value in doing so. 

If you've planned a funeral before, you may have some understanding of the practical and emotional difficulties of the whole process. From choosing flowers to sorting out the finances, there are many aspects to consider and decisions to be made, all while going through a dark cloud of grief. One day, your precious ones will be doing the same for you. Don't get us wrong, we'd love to see you live, but what if you could somehow minimize the burden? Today, you are allowed to preplan your funeral, and in a series of ways, which seems absurd since you're going to die. 

In all seriousness, there are some benefits to planning your funeral. It takes a butt-load of courage to do so, but you will find it very fulfilling once it gets done. 

Here are six benefits that come with putting yourself in an early grave – pun intended.

1.       You Can Have It Your Way

One of the best benefits of having a preplanned funeral is that you can do have things your way. For starters, you can choose how you want your loved ones to remember you. Maybe you will be passionate about animals and would like to encourage contributions in your memory to your local charity. Perhaps you had a long career in the military that you would like to rejoice. Or if you are eco-conscious, you may opt for a green burial, ensuring your final farewell aligns with your commitment to the environment. When you plan everything ahead of time, you put your needs on paper so that your treasured ones will know exactly how to honor your memory.

2.       You'll be able to Pick the Best Funeral Planner. 

This one may feel like a knife to the gut, but once it gets done, you'll be thankful. 

Like any service, funeral-planning agencies come with a reputation. Therefore, picking the best one comes down to research. If you were going to book a vacation, then a reliable travel agent will always come in handy. Similarly, when planning your funeral, performing research to discover the right funeral provider is just as important. Not all funeral providers will move on to the same standards. Why does this matter, though? It is essential because your funeral will be in the right hands. 

3.       Peace of Mind

Another thing, planning your funeral will offer you peace of mind in the knowledge that all arrangements have been made. It's just you that needs to arrive, whenever the day may come. Other than that, you will take the load off your family. Now wouldn't that be worth it?

4.      Source Of Meaningful Conversations with your Loved Ones 

Planning your funeral isn't a slap in your loved ones' faces. Instead, it shows you're responsible. You care enough for your family that you don't want them to go through any trouble because of you. 

While talking to your loved ones about "death" may sound unsettling. Still, in most cases, it leads to meaningful banters about what's important. Yes, death isn't a pleasant topic, but it's underrated as well. Many people want to talk about the end of life but don't want to bring it up because it puts them in an awkward stance. Some might even jump to conclusions and call it "crazy," but it's the reality of life, and everyone should face it.

So when you talk about your last day on earth, you'll come to know that your family might also share their preferences and thoughts. 

If you're unsure of how to bring it up, you can use this post as an excuse. Say something like, "I read an article yesterday on the benefits of planning your funeral. It made me ponder a bit, so I wanted to know how you'd want things to do." Who knows, this conversation might lead you to learn unexpected things about your family.

5.       All of Your Wishes Will Be Met

Most people have ideas regarding what they would like done on their death. Whether you'd like a lively celebration of your life over a gloomy affair or you'd feel like burial is essential due to religious reasons. Planning your funeral will take care of everything. 

That isn't an odd thing to do because you'll get the chance to sprinkle a little bit of your personality into the event. That can also provide a lot of comfort in your last days.

6.       You Can Save Your Family from Financial Troubles

Preplanning your funeral doesn't imply paying for it in advance; however, doing so could prevent your family from the financial worry your funeral may bring. Some relatives may even put themselves in a vulnerable financial position when paying for a loved one's funeral to guarantee they get the final sendoff they deserve.

Paying for your funeral beforehand saves your family from the inflated funeral costs. On the other hand, if you're unable to pay for your funeral and your family struggles to come up with the funds, then you can gain help from the country or state. However, the level of financial aid varies at both the government and state levels. Even if your loved ones receive a contribution, this may never be enough to hold a memorial. Instead, direct cremation is likely to be carried out.


You see, planning your funeral isn't such a bad idea after all. You become in charge of everything, mainly your ground digging. So what are you waiting for? Tomorrow isn't guaranteed; get in touch with a funeral planning agency and start making arrangements for your demise. 
Just for future reference, you will be missed!

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