Thursday 10 June 2021

Air Forts Are The Hottest Toy For Staying Cool This Summer

Pandemic got you down? On those rainy days when you can’t get outside, or later in the evening when outdoor play is no longer a possibility and it is hot outside, this has got to be the coolest invention around. A fort that remains blown up with your basic household fan!! Oh yes this is the coolest fort I have ever seen..

Not only will your little ones be busy playing and using their imaginations while keeping cool but this can definitely help cut screen time down substantially this summer! 

  • BUILD IN SECONDS, PLAY FOR HOURS - No Assembly Required. AirFort inflates in less than 30 seconds, sets up and cleans up in no time, no Pillows, no Sheets, no Mess! The AirFort Size is 77" wide x 50" tall.
  •  DURABLE AND BREATHABLE CONSTRUCTION - Perfect for Parties, Playdates & Sleepovers! AirFort is big enough to accommodate lots of guests! At 6.5 ft. in diameter and over 4 ft tall, AirFort is roomy so no one gets left out. Invite all your friends!
  • THE PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN TIME - Honest tech-free constructive play that helps bring out your child's ever growing imagination. At AirFort we believe that fun brings the family together.
  • SAFE, WORRY-FREE FORTS FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES - Child Safety Tested and Approved. No floor for an easy entrance and exit, viewing window for kids to see in and out, and mesh fan divider.
  • WORKS WITH ANY STANDARD BOX FAN - Includes: The Original Patented AirFort, Matching Carrying Bag, 4 Adhesive Square Fan Tabs, Easy to Read Instruction / Safety Manual. (BOX FAN NOT INCLUDED)

Kids absolutely love the opportunity to build forts of all kinds! Now you can build one that stays cool and will never fall over or break! What an amazing invention and great way to enjoy a little hideout with your friends! Get your Air Fort today! 


  1. How can Air Forts Are The Hottest Toy For Staying Cool This Summer? explain a little more so that I will stay cool this summer

  2. These air forts are gaining popularity as a favorite toy choice for indoor entertainment, offering a fun and cozy environment for children to engage in imaginative play and creative activities. With their ease of setup and portability, air forts provide a convenient solution for families looking for engaging and entertaining options for indoor playtime.
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