Monday 14 June 2021

Five tips for Improving your Curb Appeal

You've heard the saying; the first impression is the last impression, right? It's true because people are quick to form judgments based on face value, and the same may apply when it comes to your home. The exterior is the first thing people see as they walk past, and if you haven't paid much thought to it, it can cast a wrong impression over the whole place, no matter how much work you've put into the interior.

In the real estate world, your home's drive-by appearance is the curb appeal, and while it's easy to notice when it's there, it's painfully obvious when it's missing or lacks any panache. If you want your home to make a lasting impression on anyone who drives past, it's vital to extend your curb appeal beyond adding a fresh coat of paint.

Below, we've listed the top five ways you can enhance your home's curb appeal to make a striking statement. These tips can help boost your home's resale value while making it infinitely more beautiful for you to live in.

Professional landscaping

A welcoming, beautifully maintained lawn is one of the most attractive features of any home and can increase your curb appeal immensely. A well-manicured garden doesn't just serve an aesthetic purpose – it can be the perfect place to spend lazy summer evenings, host barbeques, and more.

However, maintaining a lawn on your own is challenging. This is an incredibly labor-intensive job best left to the professionals. Professional landscapers do more than neatening up your garden – they can transform it entirely if you want.

If you're in Alberta, you might have a hard time figuring out which plants can grow best in the climate. Professional landscapers can help you pick out the best plants for each season and execute your vision flawlessly. They can help install waterworks, rockeries and design a stunning layout sure to impress. With lawn maintenance Alberta you can ensure you have a lush, vibrant, and healthy lawn all year round, regardless of the weather.

Professional landscapers can create an outdoor space that's more than just a lawn; it's a work of art.

Redo your roof

Most homeowners are surprised at the impact a roof can have on your curb appeal. However, the roof easily accounts for at least half of your house's exterior, thus making it an important aspect to consider. Over the years, your roof can wear away due to constant exposure to the elements. The tiles can become incredibly faded and cracked, and you might have areas that need some serious work. Redoing the roof is an excellent way of renewing your home's exterior and upping your curb appeal.

Fixing the roof is an excellent way to increase the value of your home, too, because prospective buyers carefully analyze all structural elements. A worn-out roof can mean your home is more susceptible to leaks, mold, and bug infestations.

Apart from structural repairs, you can add some cosmetic enhancements too to upgrade your exterior. A splash of paint can do wonders for the roof, changing the tiling or adding fancy new trim. All these enhancements can make your home seem beautifully maintained and designed.

Dress up your front door

You'll be amazed at how badly a dull, boring old front door can impact your curb appeal. It can take away from every other enhancement you've added to make your home look unattractive and unexciting. Dressing up your front door is a small yet incredibly effective way to add to your curb appeal.

When redoing your front door, it's vital to remember the importance of symmetry. Adding symmetrical patterns can help you center your door as the focal point and give you a point of arrangement for everything you add around it. You could match your front door design to the items that are near the door such as plant pots, and even your doormat. There are stunning doormats crafted from lobster rope which can bring a high appeal to your home and draw the eye.

Additionally, adding a bright coat of paint is a sure-fire way to make your front door stand out. You can put lighting fixtures on either side to draw attention to the door, as well as vibrant plants. Paintings are another fun way of amping up your curb appeal and giving your home an artsy vibe.

Furthermore, you can install new, eye-catching knobs and handles as per your style. The front door should reflect the vibe of your home, so be sure to follow a theme to make everything come together seamlessly.

Outdoor lighting

Adding outdoor lights is one of the most effective ways to increase your curb appeal. Outdoor lighting can add incredible depth to your home while providing much-needed safety and security. In addition, adding outdoor lighting can help enhance your landscaping and let visitors marvel at the beauty even in the dark. For example, you can illuminate a walking path or add sparkling fairy lights to give your garden a grotto-like vibe.

Solar fixtures or low-voltage bulbs are an excellent option if you're looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to illuminate your exterior. In addition, statement lights around the front door and near trims can help draw the visitor's eye to all the structural enhancements around the home, thus increasing your curb appeal. Having lights outside can also improve functionality in the house. You can then efficiently utilize your outdoor space for cozy get-togethers.

Add wooden shutters

Adding wooden shutters is an excellent way of enhancing both the exterior and the interior of your home. If you have too much sunlight streaming in, adding wooden shutters can help cool down your home and control the light you get. Furthermore, it can give you additional privacy and create a cozier interior.

Apart from improving the interior, wooden shutters add immense warmth and beauty to your home's exterior, thus increasing your curb appeal. Wooden shutters can help bring a touch of warmth and nature to your home while making the area seem incredibly well-designed.

Not many people opt for other shutters on the exterior, making this addition seem novel and eye-catching. Curb appeal is all about setting yourself apart, and dark-stained wooden shutters can help you do just that.


Any investment you make to enhance your curb appeal is likely to pay off incredibly well. You'll create a home that you can show off and be proud of while increasing the resale value exponentially. In addition, these changes can bring about more functionality to your home, letting you do more in the same space.

Furthermore, they allow you to create a much more comfortable, inviting space for your loved ones. While some enhancements may be on the pricier side and require professional help, there are others you can easily complete on your own and achieve a remarkable effect.

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