Friday 4 June 2021

OC Acoustic Delivers Ultra-compact Newport Plug-in Speaker

 New Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker Produces Crystal-Clear Sound 

While Remaining Out of Sight

OC Acoustic, a lifestyle audio company dedicated to developing high-performance products with a distinct aesthetic appeal, is now shipping the Newport Plug-in Bluetooth speaker. Unlike the majority of compact Bluetooth speaker options for the home, the Newport plugs directly into an electrical outlet, thereby freeing up counter space and adding a clean appearance to any home or office.


The Newport’s 2” speaker is housed in a 3.62” x 2.48” x 3.35” enclosure that nearly disappears. Though compact, the Newport pumps out a powerful sound for such a small speaker, thanks to countless hours of research and fine-tuning that results in sonics that contradicts its small form factor.


Featuring an adaptable design aesthetic conceived by the company’s Founder and CEO, Kenji Kawaguchi, at his facility in Irvine, CA, the Newport Plug-in speaker is a green approach to replacing battery-powered lithium products with a speaker that is wire-free and clutter-free, and always on. Bluetooth 5.1 ensures maximum reception range with multiple connections. 


“As much as I enjoy streaming audio to portable Bluetooth speakers, there is the inevitable clutter of charging cables and the eyesore of having random speakers take up space when all I want to do is listen to music,” commented Mr. Kawaguchi. “The Newport solves every one of these problems by virtually disappearing in a room while filling the space with superb, crystal-clear audio.”

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A “Party Mode” makes it easy to spread the music across multiple speakers with a push of a button. Up to 50 speakers can be added to the single stream, as long as they are within range and sight of the source’s Bluetooth transmitter. Also, each Newport Plug-in speaker includes a USB charging port for added convenience.


The Newport Plug-in speaker is available in four appealing color combinations: orange/black, charcoal gray/black, light gray/white, and champagne/white. The suggested retail price is $69.95.


Added Mr. Kawaguchi: “Even the most ardent audiophiles sometimes need a simple solution for enjoying music without adding clutter to a room. The Newport Plug-in speaker is the perfect solution, and its affordable price makes it easy to fill a room with sound without breaking the bank.”


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About OC Acoustic

Founded in January 2020 by a talented group of audio industry veterans with an extensive background in acoustic engineering, OC Acoustic is committed to delivering audio lifestyle products that put high-quality sound within reach of consumers who only care about enjoying their favorite music without the clutter and inconvenience of typical streaming products.

This speaker has amazing bass and sounds unlike other tiny speakers that seem distorted and muffled. This tiny speaker packs a punch and is small enough to remain hidden although the sleek design is suitable for any decor. Absolutely love this little speaker! 

I absolutely love how easy and quickly it sets up, it is literally a plug and play device without any hassle. My kids want one for each of their bedrooms so they can rock out in their little bubbles as well. 

I will definitely be filling my hone with these little music makers! 

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