Tuesday 29 June 2021

Top 3 Ways To Avoid Breaking Your Oven & Stove

Buying a brand new range for your kitchen is extremely expensive and if you don’t cook everyday it can be a pricey investment. There are a bunch of ways you can extend the life of your current oven and stove top! Even if you are rocking an older model you can take these easy tips and keep your appliance for many more years. 

1. Try to avoid cooking on the highest heat setting for your stovetop. Depending on the style you have whether it is a coil range or glass top you can burn out the burners of used on high too frequently. Luckily you can get parts and stove repair done for a lot cheaper than buying a whole new unit. 

2. Keep the inside of your oven clean to keep it working efficiently. Same goes for your stove top, always keep the coils clean and the glass clear of spills and residue to ensure it is working correctly and not creating a fire hazard. Oven repair is a lot cheaper for minor fixes like a new coil or burner insert. You will be looking at a big price jump if you have a larger repair like the base of your oven. If this starts to rust or becomes damaged it will be an expensive fix, the best way to avoid this is to keep everything clean. 

3. Avoid storing heavy items above the stove top. This is especially true if you have a glass top range. These can break and be very expensive to replace. The best way to avoid breaking it is to keep light objects stored above it or place a rag or cutting board over it when your not using it. 

Much like any other appliance it is always best to maintain and keep it clean to avoid costly repairs and replacement. Be responsible with your investments and they will let you for years to come. 

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