Wednesday 28 July 2021

What Every Parent Needs to Deal with Messy Children

Most children love to make a mess. However, they leave all the cleaning up to you. To them, cleaning isn't fun, and it might take you approximately 28 times a week to clean after your kids. 

Tidying up after kids who can do so for themselves can become problematic after a while. That's why you need to teach them how to clean up and keep your home tidy.


Handling Messy Children


If you want your kids to clean up after themselves, you need first to understand that it's age-appropriate. For example, if you have a toddler, they won't be able to clean after themselves. However, they can still be of help because most love being involved in activities. Taking advantage of this can help your toddler form some good habits while being enthusiastic about the activity.

On the other hand, you need to know how to communicate with your children. Speak to them and let them understand that having a messy home can lead to bigger problems like spreading germs and bugs. This also enables your child to ensure that everyone within the home also cleans up after themselves. Communicating with the child helps them know that cleaning isn't a chore or punishment.

Through this, the kids won't have any negativity towards cleaning; instead, they will be happy to contribute toward a clean home. Giving your children options is another way of ensuring that they can clean after themselves. For example, you can let the child choose which bit to clean, thus providing them with a sense of domain ownership.


Tools to Use When Cleaning


Besides getting your kids involved in cleaning any mess within your home, you also need to have the right equipment. This enables you to invest in something that you can use as a family, thus having a great collection of cleaning tools. The first product is a good cellulose sponge. Sponges can help you and your kids to enjoy cleaning because they can handle all grimy surfaces.

Besides, they are cheap and come in many colors. You can buy lots of these sponges in your kids' favorite colors. The quality of the sponge matters because you can come across some that can last almost forever. Furthermore, using a sponge cloth can help you bridge the gap between a towel and a cloth.

A squeegee is another tool that you will need when teaching your kids to handle their mess. It's not only a fun product but also equally effective. The squeegee is an ideal solution when cleaning windows or even your bathroom walls. Furthermore, to keep the squeegee durable, you will need to protect the blade against any damage.


Make Cleaning Fun for Kids


If you want to involve your kids when cleaning, you need to make the process fun. One way of doing so is having the kids set a timer. It's always fun to fight with time, especially when you have something else to do. Furthermore, this will motivate the kids to clean each bit within the available time limit.

On the other hand, you should reward your kids when they finish cleaning before the timer goes off. Using checklists is another idea to use when getting your kids to clean after themselves. Take time to write down the different areas of the room that they ought to clean. This ensures that your child will have a sense of accomplishment when checking off everything on the list.

Besides the checklist, you should make cleaning a family affair. Ensure that everyone's involved when cleaning to make it less of a chore and more of a family affair. When cleaning together, you can help your kids understand the different areas they should focus on around the house. Nonetheless, it enables you to have more time bonding with your kids.

Playing games when cleaning can also help your kids enjoy cleaning. For example, a color game can help your child to put away anything that's on the floor. This ensures that the child can tidy up after themselves while learning their colors. Furthermore, the color game can help them sort through everything within their room or home.

Using pictures is another way of making cleaning fun. Children are very visual, and using pictures can help them with all their chores. If you'd like your kids to learn how to load the dishwasher, have pictures that help them know where everything goes. This way, the kids won't mix the dirty dishes with the clean ones.


Final Words


Cleaning doesn't have to be a tedious ordeal. You can have your kids learn how to clean after themselves, thus keeping the house clean. Always ensure that you make the entire process entertaining for the kids. Furthermore, ensure that the kids understand the pitfalls of having a dirty or messy home.

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