Thursday 12 August 2021

5 Health And Fitness Tips For Working Moms


Mothers sometimes don't get the credit that they deserve. We often take them for granted and pawn their roles and actions off to duties they "have to perform." Things are even more complex for working mothers who raise their kids and hold down a career.

Unpaid domestic work is not only wrong from a gender equality perspective, but it is also highly stressful to manage, and it's time we realized it.

In an attempt to balance being a mother and a working professional, many women compromise their physical health. However, a burnt-out mom not only puts herself at risk but also her family. Still, a few simple tips can help change that. If you're a working mom looking for ways to stay healthy and fit, listed below are a few tips that might help. Planning a healthy diet isn't on the list, though, because that's a given!

Pay attention to your environment

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, it would be best to focus on environmental factors that could negatively impact your family's health and yours too. For instance, if you have maintenance work in progress in your home or if your workplace exposes you to toxins, you may want to be extra cautious. Otherwise, you could be in for a medical shocker. Chemicals, dust, and other spores in the air can profoundly negatively impact your health without you even noticing. Have you ever heard of mesothelioma? It's time you ran a quick Google search.

Old homes, in particular, contain material with high amounts of asbestos. If your property is damaged, microfibrils can become airborne and lead to this condition developing over time. However, asbestos is just one toxin. Mildew, mold, gaseous emissions inside your living space, and poor ventilation are a few other environmental factors that can cause acute and chronic health problems. Hence, be aware and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks.  

Stay fit with your kids

Since you are spending time taking care of the kids anyway, why not so in a way which keeps you fit? Children have massive amounts of energy to dispense, and playtime is usually the only way to get it out of them. A great way to exercise is by matching their intensity and playing with them. Not only will this help you stay in shape, but it's a great way to develop the mother-child bond. However, you may have to work a schedule around your work routine and your study time.

Sports, running activity, and movement-based exercises can act as a game-changer when it comes to fulfilling your role as a mother and working simultaneously. It may seem like a challenge at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to match their pace in no time. If they're grown-ups, hit the gym with them. Or do some weekly yoga sessions together.

Walk/cycle to work

This tip depends on how far your place of work is from your house. If you can realistically walk or bike to and from, it would do wonders for your health. Not only do you get a good bit of cardio each day, but you get a solid leg workout as well. It is an excellent way to boost your cardiovascular health and manage your weight. Plus, you'll also reduce your carbon footprint – if you're really into that healthy, socially responsible living.

Other than that, you can save a ton of money on fuel and maintenance costs for your car. Use this extra money to plan vacations, unpredicted medical expenses, and other financial goals. If you're worried about personal safety, keep a taser in your bag.

Supplements work wonders

As a working woman and full-time mom, it might get hard to plan a regular diet. You may not have the energy to pack yourself a nutritious lunch and may be too tired to cook when you come home. Regardless of the issue, your diet should not suffer. Your health should always be a priority if you want to keep your family healthy.

If you can't keep track of the nutrients you're taking in with our meals, throw some supplements into the mix.  A good multi-vitamin is always a great idea for adults and kids alike. Other than that, if you are working out and can't make time to manage meals, consider buying some protein supplements instead. Fueling your muscles after a workout is essential, but that's easier said than done for most people working full-time jobs.


Finding time to meditate can be a struggle as a working mom. However, once you figure out how to squeeze in a few minutes here and there, you may be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial it can be.
Once the kids are asleep, consider taking our 15-20 minutes to be alone with your thoughts. Or you can make this part of your morning routine as well. Embrace your emotions and pay attention to your surroundings through your cognitions and sensations.

Moreover, before leaving from work, when the office has cleared out, take another 15-20 minutes to be with yourself and practice mindful meditation. Stress will slowly evaporate from your body, and you will be less likely to fall victim to work-related burnout. However, if mediation doesn't seem to help, consider seeing a professional and keep your mental health under check. Mom-life can become overwhelming if you're unable to balance things properly.


As a working mom, you probably have a lot on your plate. Therefore, prioritize a few habits before everything spills off. This article mentioned a few tips that you can follow. For starters, ensure your environment is clean and toxin-free. Make playtime with kids into a fitness activity.  If you work close by, consider walking or cycling. Incorporate supplements into your meal if you don't have time to cook healthy meals. Last but not least, meditate and prioritize your mental health.

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