Thursday 26 August 2021

5 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Happy and Healthy This School Year

While everyone is trying to get used to the new normal, there are a few things that are still a bit foreign to most, including school schedules. This is why it's important to get information on how you can give your children the best shot at having a happy and healthy school year. Read on to see five tips that aim to make this a great year for your family.

Consider a Smaller School

A smaller school has the obvious advantage of having more educators per student, always an advantage. It will also be easier for the children to practice social distancing to a better extent when there are fewer children per square foot of any space within the school. Smaller schools are often those that are private or belong to an institution like a church. A good example is private Montessori schools, whose number is steadily rising from 4,000 and counting. In such a school, you can be sure that your child will get enough attention given to them to ensure that they thrive.

Keep Them Home When They Are Unwell

No one needs reminding of the importance of keeping diseases contained at this point. To make sure that you play an active role in making the school a safe and healthy environment for everyone, keep your child home whenever they come down with something. This is for any illness from regular coughs and colds to diarrhea and more. Besides making sure that no one else falls ill, taking a break will also give your child's immune system the time and energy to fight the disease.

Get Them Signed Up For Sports

Staying active is great for any age group, but it is especially important for children. The best way to ensure that your child stays active is by signing them up for a sport in school. This will not only provide the space necessary to get active, but it will also give them a great opportunity to socialize with teammates and other children. Almost two million children aged between 12 and 19 years in the U.S. have a pre-diabetic condition that is linked to obesity and inactivity. Government data suggests that this places them at increased risk for cardiovascular problems and full-blown diabetes. This makes it even more important to make sure that your whole family stays active.

Watch For Signs of Stress and Anxiety

With all the situations that children experience throughout the day including tests and social pressures, children can develop anxiety. This can negatively impact their health and so it is important to make sure that their mental health is good. Spend some time with them each day, finding out how their school day was, so you can build an environment in which they can freely share information with you. When your whole family is in a good mental place, you will make it a great environment for everyone to thrive.

Find Ways to Challenge Their Minds

Challenging games like puzzles, word games, and strategic games are highly encouraged to help with the positive development of a child's mind. Research has found that children aged seven and eight are able to learn to speak a second language without an accent and with fluent grammar, after which the ability to master a new language declines gradually. This fact should encourage you to teach your child new languages at this age, and inadvertently improve their future prospects.

Raising healthy children needs effort at all times, but that is not to say that it is difficult. Doing the right things as often as possible will go a long way in ensuring you play your part well. Just keep an open mind and have a listening ear to make sure that you are approachable and you will notice an improvement in your children's relationship with you.

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