Monday 2 August 2021

Home Improvement: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks


Being a homeowner is one big achievement as an adult. After years of hard work, owning the roof over your head carries a different feeling of satisfaction. You can now live on your terms of comfort!

But with this ownership comes the significant responsibility of maintaining your humble abode regularly. Years of dust, rain and strong winds can steal the original charm your house once had. Utilities like water and electricity are also becoming expensive. It calls for adopting newer ways to live a cost-effective and sustainable lifestyle.

While it may be tricky to decide what part of your home to fix first, you must have a plan to avoid overspending. Home improvements can be quickly burn a hole through your pocket if not carried out smartly. With that said, listed below are a few tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you prioritize stuff.

Preventative Maintenance

Years of exposure to nature's wrath will undoubtedly take away the beauty that your house once had. It will also weaken the defenses that you've set in place to protect you and your family from the weather and pests. Here is a checklist that can help you prioritize maintenance work for your home.

·         Windows: If your windows are old, consider replacing them. New windows will enhance your home's aesthetic appeal and monetary value. Years of dust and pollution, along with natural elements like rain, can affect the structural integrity of windows, which can compromise your house's security. If you're looking for a good window vendor, a quick Google search can help you find a few options. For example, if you live in one of Virginia's bustling cities and want to know how much to expect to pay, search for 'window replacement cost Petersburg VA' for a quick estimate. A customized near-me search can help you identify and pick suitable options anywhere in the US.

·         Roof: snow, sunlight, and rainfall can drastically affect the life of your home's roof. It is essentially a barrier against the weather. If that line of defense fails, then your house is bound to develop leaks and suffer structural damage in the long run. Therefore, inspect the roof regularly and repair damage ASAP. Sealing all those cracks can also enhance your home's insulation and keep energy costs low. Consider having the roof tiled to add an extra bit of protection from the weather.

·         Pest Infestation: Insects like termites and bugs can slowly eat away your house's structure and personal belongings. If you do not watch out for these little uninvited guests, it can cost quite a lot of money. If you're planning a complete remodel, this is one of the first things to do so that all other jobs are not affected by the insects lurking in your home. Consider approaching a professional company to have pests removed from your property. And while you're at it, do away with mold as well.

·         Seal the cracks: Apart from the roof, cracks can appear anywhere in your walls for many reasons. It's a good idea to have them sealed properly. It's a common mistake where homeowners usually paint over them, not realizing how they're doubling the work for themselves. Before having a paint job done, ensure that you properly seal all the cracks in the insulation and drywall so that you don't have to pull down wall furnishings again. Sealing the cracks and re-doing the caulking will save on heating/cooling expenses in the long run. It's a good idea to have them sealed properly and try something new and get it fixed with this credible masonry restoration service. Find a professional for all your masonry tuckpointing in Washington DC.

·         Drains: Choked drains can cause backflow and severe structural damage to your home. If you do not cater to them, you'll end up in a messy situation pretty soon. Consider calling professionals once in a while to keep the drains clean and water flowing. You can also opt for DIY hacks to do basic cleaning and plumbing on your own.

Changing the curb appeal

With these basic repairs checked, you can now safely move towards remodeling your home. You can start by painting your house.

For the exterior, choosing an attractive color palette is crucial. If you want to take a safe bet, neutrals should be your go-to choice as it works well with the woodwork around the house, and give it a clean look. However, it's also ok to play with color and opt for bold choices if you want to make a statement.


Eco-friendly deployments

While you're at it, you can make specific improvements to make your house eco-friendlier. For one, adding solar panels to your roof is a viable solution to switch to cheap and environmentally friendly energy. Although it costs quite a bit of money to install, the long-term returns are worth the investment. You'll drastically cut down on your electricity bills. Changing your old lights with LEDs can also make a considerable difference in your electricity consumption.

Be wise with your expenses

Not all things may need replacement. You can opt for DIY projects you can adopt to retain your old stuff and have them shine in your new and improved home. This will help you stick to a budget and avoid overspending. Here are some things you can do:

·         If you have an old stove in somewhat of working order, cleaning it up and repairing it is a better option than buying a new one. You can use simple de-greasers from the store and scrub off the dirt built-up on your stove and make it shine again. In fact, do the same for other kitchen appliances, cabinets, ovens, and microwaves.

·       Instead of setting out to buy new furniture, it is more manageable to re-use your old furniture. You can have your old chairs re-upholstered to match your recent indoor refurbishing.


All in all, home improvement is a continuous process, one that requires you to be actively involved in keeping your home in tip-top shape. Be regular in its maintenance, ensure every feature of your house is in working order. Adding little things like plants can improve the outlook of your home with all your furniture. Updating devices in your house can make it eco-friendlier. And remember, not everything has to be replaced- you can re-use some stuff.


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