Tuesday 21 September 2021

4 Back-to-School DIYs for the Mom On a Budget


It's no secret that Back to School season can get expensive, especially if you have more than one child heading back to class. Fortunately, there are a few key ways you can save money on supplies while still keeping your kids' school supplies cute and fun. Here are some cool Back-to-School DIYs to consider for the mom on a budget.

Washi Tape Organizer

This fun tape can be used to decorate a variety of different items including organizers, pencils, and much more. They come in a wide range of patterns from Zebra stripes to Minecraft block patterns, a game that's sold over 200 million copies. Consider using washi tape to make your child's organizer more personalized or colorful.

Comfortable Cotton Lanyard

Do your kids have keys or student ID cards they need to take to school every day? A fun and colorful lanyard may be a great DIY choice. To create a lanyard, take a length of cotton material and loop it around on itself. Add a simple hook or attaching device at the end of the loop.

Your child can use this to hold things like keys, cards, and much more. Let them choose the decorative elements of the lanyard to make it more fun such as charms.

Rainbow Watercolor Backpack

All children need a backpack to haul their gear. However, some may find it hard to find an option that works for them. Why not create a rainbow watercolor backpack together? Start with a white backpack and then search through Pinterest to find cool watercolor designs or tye-dye ideas. Approximately 51% of smartphone users discovered a new product or company by searching online. Once you know what colors and patterns you want to make, fill squirt bottles with fabric-safe dye and set up your workspace. If you're dying the backpack on a table, be sure to put a garbage bag or something else down underneath to keep the dye from staining the table. Add color to the backpack from top to bottom and then keep it covered overnight before putting it in the wash.

Patterned Storage Containers

Your kids need places to put things like pencils and erasers. You can work together to create fun storage containers out of plastic, cardboard, or even old tins. Use ribbon, washi tape, or fun-patterned duct tape to make the container kid-friendly.

Magnetic Locker Shelf

Lastly, you can use some old fridge magnets and some simple materials to produce a magnetic locker shelf. These items help to keep your teen's books and other things in place. To make the shelf, you can either use steel, which is recycled at a rate of 90%, or wood. If you're using wood, measure and cut the shelf you're creating to the specifications of your child's locker. Use hot glue to glue magnets onto the sides of the shelf. This allows your child to place light to medium-weight items in their locker.

Back-to-School season can be tricky when you're a parent on a budget. Fortunately, with some of the DIYs above, you can make sure your child goes back to school with all the things they need without breaking the bank.

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