Saturday 2 October 2021

11 Things You Need for a Baby Room


Did you know a lot of new moms feel overwhelmed and stressed? If you want to learn how to destress and get organized, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can prepare your baby’s room for their arrival. You won’t miss any essential items with this checklist.

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1. Pick Up a Glider

Do you have a rocking chair for your baby's room? You can easily search for one online or find one at a local furniture store.

At night, you'll have an easier time feeding your baby when you sit in a glider. You and your baby will have a comfortable spot to snuggle, and your partner will also appreciate the chair.

Try out a few gliders and settle on the best one.

2. Get a Changing Pad and Cover

You’ll want a designated area for changing your baby. It will be easier to keep your nursery clean and organized when you have a changing station.

A contoured changing pad will provide a soft spot while you change your baby’s diaper. Contoured changing pad covers can also match your decor. Pick up durable and washable covers.

3. Rug or Playmat

Your baby should have a spot where they can play and spread out. Crawling and playing on their tummy will be part of their routine as they grow.

You want a safe place for your baby to practice crawling around. Look at getting a machine washable rug. This way, you can keep your baby's room neat and tidy.

4. What About a Bed?

Next, you’ll need to find a comfortable baby bed. You might go for a simple bassinet or a complex crib.

The sleeping area should be a focal spot in your nursery. You can shop around and browse a variety of styles at different prices.

Whatever bed you choose, make sure they are safe and sturdy. Drop-side cribs have gotten banned by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

5. Don’t Forget Quality Bedding

Baby bedding is another essential part. You want to find decorative and warm bedding for your child. Select blankets, pillows, crib sheets, bumper pads, and small soft blankets.

Do you want to use a sleep sack? You can display the baby quilt as part of the decor.

Pick up a couple of sets of sheets. This way, if your baby makes a mess, you can easily throw the sheets in the wash.

6. What About Storage?

When changing diapers and clothing, you’ll want to have easy access to fresh items.

Make sure you have different clear containers filled with all the things you need. You’ll want to have a spot for your wipes, ointments, and diapers.

Put a large basket on the floor near the baby crib. You can use it both as a cute decor item and a spot for extra toys, blankets, or burp cloths. Make sure you put it near where you can easily access the items.

7. What About a Dresser?

Babies will go through many changes of clothing in the run of a day. You can make an organized dresser part of the room.

Dressers for a baby should have at least three drawers, and you should also have compartments where you can place bibs and socks.

8. Don't Forget the Mobile

Mobiles have become a helpful and soothing baby tool. You can entertain babies with them when they wake up, and they also help to soothe a baby as they fall asleep.

Some crib bedding sets will arrive with a mobile that matches the set, and you can also buy a mobile with different features.

Some mobiles will have moving figurines, mirrors, or lights. Shop around and read different reviews. You want to find one that has solid reviews.

9. Clothing Hamper

You’ll want to have a hamper in the baby room. Since your baby will get changed during the day, you want to have a spot to put the dirty clothes. You can get a hamper that will match the aesthetic of the nursery.

Make sure you take care of your baby clothes. Get quality pieces like Hanna Andersson baby clothes.

10. Don’t Forget the Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a critical element to have for a new parent. You can have constant visual or audio contact with your baby.

Traditional audio-only baby monitors are helpful, and other parents prefer the video monitor. This way, they can see and hear their baby.

As a new parent, you will feel more at ease if you can keep track of your baby.

11. Nightlight

At night, you will need to enter your baby’s room. A nightlight will help you see into the nursery. Don’t turn on a bright overhead light. Instead, use the nightlight to help guide you into the room.

You can keep the light soothing and low as you change your baby or feed them. Then, you can put your baby back to sleep.

Look for a nightlight online that has a lot of good reviews.

Have Fun Preparing the Baby Room

We hope this guide on preparing a baby room was helpful. You should make sure you have a comfortable rocking chair or glider. Pick up a sturdy change table and washable change cover.

You might want to get a clean rug so your baby can crawl or lay on the ground.

Are you looking for more parenting tips? Check out our variety of resources for new and experienced parents on the blog.

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