Monday 25 October 2021

Appliance Maintenance To Do Regularly To Save You Money

We all do regular cleaning around our home to ensure things are organized, sanitized and easy to find, but what do we do to ensure our most expensive appliances are working at their best and not in need of repair? I am guilty of letting the lint trap fill up in the dryer and underneath the fridge could probably see a broom and dust pan. But there are other chores you can do as part of your regular maintenance that can actually extend the life of your appliances.

For The Dishwasher! Dishwashers are so great for saving time and being great sanitizing machines for everyday items. Your dishwasher does a lot for you so ensure you take care of it. Always check the filters and remove any build up. Take the time to run dishwasher cleaner through every couple months to ensure it’s running at its best. If you notice your dishwasher isn’t cleaning quite as good as it was before it may be time to call an efficient dishwasher repair service

For The Washing Machine! Our washing machines do so much for us, imagine not owning one and washing by hand it is not an ideal situation in this day and age. To maintain your washing machine ensure you run a washing machine cleaner through every couple months. If you have hard water build up ensure you clean the pipes regularly and stay on top of adding your water softener. Never over load the machine as this can create serious problems and you will need to call in an expert for repairs which can be costly.

For the dryer! Take the time to clean the lint collector every time you dry your clothes. Not only does cleaning the lint trap keep you safe from fires but it also helps the dryer run at tip top shape. Make sure you clean out the vent tube as well as it can get quite full and cause the dryer to work harder. 

For the Refrigerator  Where would you be without your fridge and freezer? Late night snacking would be a lot harder and keeping food fresh would be impossible so take care of that big snack coffin! To maintain your fridge keep it clean! There are lots of areas where gunk can accumulate and create leaks and poor ventilation. Vacuum the coils at the back every couple months to make sure there is no dust accumulation. For your freezer try thawing it out completely and giving it a good scrub. When these machines are clogged up they work harder costing you more money. 

Take a weekend to get these simple chores done and it will save you thousands in the long run! 

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