Monday 11 October 2021

How to Craft an Awesome Home Office on a Budget

More people than ever have at this point had a taste of what working from home really is like. It's no longer a hard-to-achieve dream or aspiration, and if you've found yourself working from home, you no doubt want to know how to make it work. Have a look at the five ways below to help you create an amazing home office on a tight budget, to help you stay within the confines of frugal living.

Upgrade the Flooring

To make sure your office feels great and looks good too, give the floor an upgrade. You could install a new carpet, a popular option that makes up about 51% of the flooring market in the U.S. Pick a color that matches the walls or curtains so that you stay within a theme, and you will feel like you've walked into an amazing new office from the second you walk in. This will help put your mind in a working mood as well.

Think About Lighting

Good lighting is important for your eyesight, so while installing new lights may not be something you associate with frugal living, it can actually help you save money over time. Installing energy-efficient LED lights will keep your home office well-lit, especially important if you don't have a window to let in natural light. These types of light will also cost you less energy and so you will pay less in energy bills.

Improve Your Storage

Proper storage is important for good organization, so look around for options that will work for you. It could be adding shelving on the walls, getting a cabinet or standalone chest of drawers, or even buying storage bins. Depending on how many items you need to store and their nature, you will have an easy time working when you know where all your supplies are. It will be convenient for you if you have an easy way to put away things at the end of the day and retrieve them when a new day starts. With almost 27% of people in America having rented their home in 2016, it will be easy for you to do the same if your important items can easily be located and collected in one go.


Add a personal touch to your office to make it feel as good as you want it to by decorating it. You could buy pieces of art and place them around your workstation or hang them on the walls. You could also go green and get some potted plants, whether big or small. Doing this will help you enjoy being in your home office and you will be productive as well. Shop around in garage sales to get thrifted art that you like for decor that will see you save money.

Get the Right Furniture

Furniture is probably the next most important thing in your home office after lighting. A good seat and desk will see you comfortably sitting down whenever it's time to work. Paired with the right desk, you won't strain your back or hands while you work and this is what you should aim for. Also, have cleaning equipment easily accessible to make it easy to wipe down your working surfaces whenever necessary. Shockingly, office desks can be up to 400 times dirtier than toilet seats. A whopping 25,000 germs per square inch can flourish on your office chairs, keyboards, and telephones, so you need to be very intentional about cleaning everything up.

Becoming good at frugal living is something that may take time, but that can be perfected with practice. Set up your office space well and on a budget to improve your moods whenever you have to work, and you will be more productive as well.

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