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 Create Colorful Masterpieces with The One and Only The Official Unicorn Spit® User’s Handbook!

Unicorn SPiT is a paint, gel stain, and glaze concentrate — all in one bottle! It creates a sparkling, 3-dimensional effect on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete, laminate and more. Fans love that it’s non-toxic and comes in a variety of outrageous colors.

Now, for the first time, Unicorn SPiT inventor Michelle Nicole spills the secrets about the best tips and tricks for using the paint to create vibrant works of art in The Official Unicorn SPiT® User’s Handbook: Let Your Creative Juices Flow With Over 50 Colorful Projects for Home Decor, Apparel, Artwork, and Much More!

This official guidebook details everything you need to know, including more than 50 projects for artwork, glassware, clothing, and more; mixing color to create unique new shades; easy techniques for applying paint like a pro; tips and tricks on giving new life to old furniture; and much, much more!

Unicorn SPiT can be anything the artist would like it to be: paint, wood stain, wood dye, fabric dye, fabric paint/ink, glass colorant, faux finish, or watercolor. It can even be used in place of oil and acrylic paints. These vibrant, non-toxic, low-VOC products are also aromatherapy-infused.
“One of my favorite aspects of SPiT is that it can be applied with a brush, foam pad, spray bottle, airbrush, cloth, paper towel, or even your gloved hands,” she said. “Because the product doesn’t contain microplastics or harsh chemicals, you can allow Unicorn SPiT to dry on your brushes, paint palettes, and stencils without damaging them. And it’s easy to correct mistakes by simply wiping them away with a damp cloth. Even after it’s dry!”

The Official Unicorn SPiT® User’s Handbook also tells the inspiring story behind its creation. When she was 21, Nicole started an arts and crafts program at a senior daycare center, but she noticed the men weren’t partaking in projects, like macaroni pictures and hook rugs. When she spotted an old piece of furniture off the side of the road, she brought it in for the men to work on. In no time at all, many of the participants transformed pieces of furniture, and the art therapy was energizing the senior citizens.

“Realizing that some of the residents were going to use their hands to color the furniture, I decided to develop a non-toxic product that didn’t emit harmful fumes or irritate the skin. After much trial and error, I developed a vibrantly colorful stain that worked, was safe to use, and smelled like jasmine,” she said.

This stain eventually became known as Unicorn SPiT. “It’s a concentrated gel pigment that I often refer to as a shapeshifter. I created a groundbreaking formula to help people create art despite any physical, mental, or financial limitations.With Unicorn SPiT, you can dabble with many varieties of art without going broke buying endless amounts of supplies,” she said. 
Back in 2015, Nicole never imagined her colorful concoction would go from being created in a spaghetti pot in her kitchen to being sold at major art and hobby stores around the world. “When I created Unicorn SPiT, I was skeptical of how it would be received,” she said. “But after seeing the art created by thousands of people using the product, its powers have proved to be real. Follow along with me and let’s create art pieces out of everyday objects that are also beautiful, touchable, shareable, and joyful reflections of ourselves. Let those creative juices flow!”

About the Author

Michelle Nicole is the inventor of Unicorn SPiT and an avid artist and crafter. She’s a self-taught artist with a passion for color, design, and art therapy. Whether she’s transforming an outdated piece of furniture into a sleek, stylish piece, or formulating new colors to add to her popular line of Unicorn SPiT products, her creative mind is always in motion.
In addition to discovering new ways to use her ingenious product, Michelle enjoys teaching others how to “let your creative juices flow.” The videos she posts online for tens of thousands of followers are informative and entertaining.
No item, surface, or piece of clothing is off limits. As Michelle says, “You can SPiT that!” She lives in Shawnee, KS.

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What you’ll need.

• SPARKLiNG Unicorn SPiT colors: Violet Vulture, Sapphire Swift, and Lavish Lovebirds
• Concept color: Zeus • Stripping agent
• Artist brushes
• High-gloss topcoat • Shop cloth
• Painter’s tape
• Small, size-appropriate screwdriver

 Galaxy Canvas Shoes
What you’ll need
• Unicorn SPiT colors: White Ning and Midnight’s Blackness
• Unicorn SPiT SPARKLiNG: Violet
Vulture, Sapphire Swift, and Golden Gosling
• Pair of white canvas shoes
• Medium artist’s brush
• Liner brush
• Silicone waterproofing spray for
exterior fabrics
• Painter’s tape
• Hair dryer
• Cotton makeup remover pad

Trendy footwear is something I really love. I have a ton
of shoes, which is crazy because most of the time I’m barefoot. I work out, run around the house, and garden in bare feet. But when I wear shoes, I like them to be ones that express my feelings, mood, and the occasion. I am fascinated with images of outer space, so I took an old pair of white canvas shoes and gave them an out-of-this- world makeover. Don’t be afraid to wear these shoes everywhere you go because the way you’re going to seal them, they’ll be ready to accompany you on your greatest adventures.

  Tie-Dyed Organizer

What you’ll need

• Unicorn SPiT colors: White Ning, Zia, Lemon Kiss, Phoenix Fire, Pixie Punk Pink, Purple Hill Majesty, Navajo Jewel, and Blue Thunder
• E6000 Spray Adhesive
• Water
• Syringe
• Wax paper
• Resealable containers
• Rubber gloves
• Clear cling wrap
• Iron
• Finishing wax

Sometimes you just need to put all your stuff away in something small and compact that can fit pretty much anywhere. That’s why this piece found a home with me.
I needed a spot to stow my scarves, gloves, and winter hats. I knew this piece was the one because it was a blank slate. I was able to create an exciting piece by combining different techniques, from tie-dye to whitewashing to Sunset Press. It reminds me of the beautiful colors of the sunset, no matter what time of day it is. I found this little unfinished storage cart that I had to assemble. It made it easy to add color in a lot of different ways.

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