Tuesday 28 December 2021

5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Crush Your Utility Bills

The purpose of saving money is to have some there for when you really need it. One of the best places to find extra cash is in the savings you get from making your home more energy-efficient. If your utilities are adding up and you're ready to do something about it, read on. This article will give your three quick tips to save money on your monthly payments.

Make the Most of Time With Cast Routing

The longer you wait on your computer's load times and slow WiFi, the more power you're using just for the sake of buffering. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to get your computer up and going. Cast routing technology can shorten your connections by routing them through a firewall and CDN, which results in faster loading times and less wasted electricity.

Unplug From Technology at Night

Many people use their smartphones and computers at night. But at the end of the day, you can benefit from taking your eyes away from your screen. For one, most devices today give off blue light which is harmful to the eyes over long periods. Not only that, if your goal is saving money, you're only doing yourself a disservice if you're up late with the television on.

Use Cold Water Whenever Possible

It's understandable to want to take long, hot showers during the winter months. But hot water requires gas and electricity, which can hike up your utility bills if you're not careful. Consider taking warm, rather than hot, showers and using cold water while doing your laundry. Not only will laundering your clothes in cold water save on utility bills but it'll also prevent any color bleeding.

Clean the Filter On Your HVAC's Heat Exchanger

If your heating and cooling bills have been hiking up, the problem could be that your HVAC filter needs to be changed. The filter on your heat exchangers helps to prevent dust, dirt, and debris from kicking up into the air around your home. When the filter becomes clogged over time, it can prevent heat or cool air from efficiently making its way through your home.

Switch to All LEDs

LEDs make up 53% of the global lighting market as of 2019 and for good reason. LEDs began replacing halogen lights because they last longer and they're more energy-efficient. However, some homeowners are still using halogen lights throughout their homes. If you're still using halogen lights, consider making the switch to all LEDs to help save on your energy costs.

Making your home more energy-efficient is guaranteed to save you money. Try some of the tips above this season to crush your utility bills once and for all.

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