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How to find at-home COVID tests

Unfortunately, the need for COVID-19 tests is at an all-time high with many people wanting to test themselves after holiday gatherings and travel. You have likely noticed that tests are low in stock (or completely sold out) seemingly everywhere – in stores and online. At-home rapid antigen COVID tests (which cost between $10 and $40 per test) provide results in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the test you buy, and they can be performed from the comfort of your own home. RetailMeNot is simplifying the search by sharing this easy resource to check availability both online and in stores, where applicable. The post is being updated regularly to bring you the most accurate and current information available. 

The 3 Reasons You Should Be Sharpening Your Own Knives

When you love the idea of doing things yourself, then something like sharpening your own knives can feel like some  cozy time spent at home . It’s sort of a  zen  moment when you learn how to do it properly with a  whetstone  and end up with a professional-quality edge on your kitchen knife.    It’s not something that many people do, but everybody should. Most people spend a great deal of time in the kitchen so it makes sense that we should be taking care of  their tools. If you love to cook, then consider getting yourself a knife sharpening set and doing it yourself. In this article, we will go over several reasons why you should.    1 - Sense of self-sufficiency   When you are able to do something like sharpeni ng your knives, then you are doing something that gives you some resilience. You’re able to buy quality knives that last a lifetime and take care of them yourself. No need to deal with dull knives in the kitchen and no need to send them out to be sharpened  a couple of times p

How to pay off your mortgage early

  Mortgages - you can't live with them, and you certainly can't live without them. The psychological stress associated with such debt is tough to bear for most people. Additionally, most people wish to reduce the interest rates connected to their mortgages. It's more than likely you feel the same way! But what to do if you've already asked your mortgage broker for a better deal and they've not been able to provide it? Pay off your mortgage early. There are different ways you can accomplish this. Be wary; these tasks will require dedication, patience, and hard work. However, by the end of it, you will free yourself from the grasp of mortgage fees sooner than you may think. Things to keep in mind before paying off your mortgage early Before reading on, you should familiarize yourself with the following points. Prepayment Penalty Depending on your loan services, you may need to pay a prepayment penalty. You will be charged a specific fee if you pay off your loan ahead

When Is It Time to Take Away the Pacifier?

source If your baby loves their pacifier, they're not alone: up to 85% of infants rely on a pacifier at least sometimes. Pacifiers can help keep your little one's tears at bay, offering them comfort and distraction when they need it most. But using a pacifier for too long may do more harm than good. Find out when to get rid of the pacifier and what to try instead. Why Use Pacifiers? Since pacifiers should eventually be taken away from your baby, you may wonder why have one in the first place. But there are some benefits and practical reasons to give pacifiers to infants. A baby pacifier can soothe a cranky baby because it satisfies their natural instinct to suck. If you don't have a bottle or aren't able to nurse, assuming the baby is already fed, a pacifier can be a comforting option. Pacifiers may also reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This makes them extra important at bedtime. When to Get Rid of the Pacifier Your baby's pa

Are Cheap Cars Still Safe? What to Consider Before You Buy

A car is more than a necessity. It's an investment that can give you good returns if you choose the right one. You don't have to break the bank to get a good, safe car, however, but you can apply frugal living to your purchase. Here's what to consider before you buy a car to make sure that you get a safe one that's also affordable. Crashworthiness of the Car The crashworthiness of a car is a rating for how well a vehicle will protect its passengers when a crash occurs. This term is used by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and is also termed as a five-star safety rating by car manufacturers and dealerships. The material used to construct the car plays a major role in this, with some car bodies being normalized to improve their strength and consistency. Normalizing is a heat treatment technique that sees a steel part held under temperatures as high as 1700°F and then air-cooled so that it increases ferritin grains and becomes more consistent. Child Safety

Simple Gifts to Show Loved Ones You Care

It's good to appreciate the people closest to you whenever you get the chance to do so. One way of doing this is by getting them simple gifts which will show them that you care for them. Here are five such gifts that you can get for the loved ones in your life to show them that you care for them. A Floral Arrangement Flowers are a simple and amazing gift to get for someone you love. This is because they're pleasant to look at and also smell amazing for the most part. You can easily get some from a local florist and have them sent to them or deliver them yourself. Since most floral arrangements last from four to seven days or more depending on the type of flowers as well as the level of care they're given, you can include some tips on how to care for them so they can stay alive for a longer time. If you have an idea of the colors the recipient loves, you will have an easy time finding something for them. A Journal If you want a thoughtful gift that will help your lo

5 Expert Camping Trips For First Time Campers

Camping is an undeniably rewarding experience, even for first-timers. Spending time in the great outdoors brings about so many health benefits that camping has quickly become a popular getaway option. There are so many  mental health benefits associated with camping, such as better sleep quality, reduced stress, and a boosted mood. Furthermore, camping is also  budget-friendly .    But when it comes to planning and packing for your first camping trip, we've listed some expert tips to ensure your experience is as gratifying as it should be.    Bring A Power Source As a first-time camper, roughing it with no comforts is not typically the best idea. Even if you want to get a genuine feel of nature with minimal comforts, you should still bring along a power source. You'll need to keep your phone charged and have some light, at the very least.    You can opt for the  best portable solar generator kit , power banks, or other power-providing gadgets. The best part about investing in a

Warm Yourself Up From The Inside Out Making These Hot Beverage Recipes With Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

What’s the best way to end any meal? A hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee, served alongside your famous baked goods of course (assuming you have leftovers in the freezer from the holidays! Brew a 12-cup pot for a crowd or single servings unique to each guest with the latest and faster  FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker.   Heading out to enjoy winter in the mountains or just out in the snow? Check out some of these amazing recipes that will warm your soul! Some Of The Best Warm Drink Recipes:  Eggnog Latte Hot Peppermint Mocha Coffee Gingerbread Coffee Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Spiked Hot Chocolate 18 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes Find the FlexBrew at Canadian Tire!   A couple other new items from Hamilton Beach include  New from the brand is the  Defrost Slow Cooker , which safely defrosts frozen meats at the start of the cooking process. It takes the guesswork out of meal prep as the ideal countertop helper when creating holiday mains, side dishes, and more.    Recipe inspiration:   Sl

Holidays that might get overlooked: the National Fetish Day

This January 21st wear something purple to connect with the like-minded people There is a day honouring every aspect of our lives. So, not surprising that there is a day devoted to celebrating all the wonderful, weird fetishes. The third Friday in January is National Fetish Day, and  LELO  is here to tell you that any kink you have is completely fine. Well, as long as it’s legal. The main purpose of International Fetish Day is to increase awareness and support of the fetish community, a variety of erotic practices, and other interpersonal dynamics.  International Fetish Day is designed to encourage community members to be more open about their sexuality. Fetishism is often wrongly perceived as sexual deviancy, and those with a fetish consequently might come to believe that their affinity is weird, wrong or even disgusting. It is not. In  Fetishism , the subject of desire is not necessarily related to sexual intercourse, yet the fetish drives a person’s sexual arousal, fantasies and pre

How to Effectively Manage Foot and Ankle Pain Without Breaking the Bank

The idea of frugal living can be hard when you are in pain. If you experience constant pain, you may feel as if your only option is to turn to expensive medical procedures. Foot and ankle pain are common ailments that affect one in five people in the United States. The good news is that there are ways to manage your pain without having to rack up costly medical bills. Massage and Physical Therapy While the first thing that may come to mind when you think of massage is your back, it can be great for other areas as well. You can book an athletic or sports massage at a relatively low cost and they can target your foot or ankle pain. The majority of people find that massage was a useful tool, with 88% finding pain relief from their sessions. Booking a massage every few weeks can provide long-term relief from your pain and can soothe arthritic symptoms. You can also turn to a physical therapist. Booking an appointment with a physical therapist can help you target the cause of your pain

7 Excellent Ways to Make Your House More Spacious

  Source People living in smaller houses struggle to manage their belongings and furniture within the space available. Small spaces often look congested and cluttered, even in their most managed state. While adding an extension to your house to increase its square footage or buying a bigger place might be a good idea, both options are expensive. So, is there anything one can do to adjust their belongings and make their house look spacious at the same time? Or, are they forced to cram all their worldly processions in the same tiny place available to them? The task of setting your furniture and other items in a small space may seem daunting at first. But the good news is with some tried and tested techniques, you can make a small abode more spacious and accommodating. A significant aspect of smaller houses is that they are easier to decorate, clean, and maintain. It’s all about making minor changes, careful planning, and nailing minimalism. The simple tips and ways below can help you

How to Make the Most of a Minor Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can increase the value of your home significantly. Of any area in the home, kitchen remodels are the most popular in the United States. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to undergoing any remodeling project is saving money while doing it. The good news is that even a minor kitchen remodel can drastically change the look of your kitchen. Why a Minor Kitchen Remodel Is a Great ROI A minor kitchen remodel offers a great return on investment (ROI) because even with small improvements or changes, you can significantly increase the value of your kitchen. You should target a few areas to focus your remodel on. By targeting a few areas you can create the feel of a new kitchen without having to start from square one. A minor kitchen remodel is something that you should look at as an investment, you're spending less money than a major remodel, while significantly increasing the value of your home. A minor kitchen remodel typically costs around $20,000, while a m