Tuesday 25 January 2022

7 Excellent Ways to Make Your House More Spacious



People living in smaller houses struggle to manage their belongings and furniture within the space available. Small spaces often look congested and cluttered, even in their most managed state. While adding an extension to your house to increase its square footage or buying a bigger place might be a good idea, both options are expensive. So, is there anything one can do to adjust their belongings and make their house look spacious at the same time? Or, are they forced to cram all their worldly processions in the same tiny place available to them?

The task of setting your furniture and other items in a small space may seem daunting at first. But the good news is with some tried and tested techniques, you can make a small abode more spacious and accommodating. A significant aspect of smaller houses is that they are easier to decorate, clean, and maintain. It’s all about making minor changes, careful planning, and nailing minimalism. The simple tips and ways below can help you pragmatically manage smaller spaces in your house.


1.       Look for a storage unit

The central idea of maintaining and organizing a smaller place is taking out stuff from the house rather than adding more. Decluttering often gives you instant results, making your home more open, inviting, and spacious. But before decluttering your house, you must decide where you will put the extra stuff. Putting your belongings in someone else’s house doesn’t seem like a viable idea because it might become an additional burden for them.

Similarly, stuffing all your belongings in the attic isn’t a feasible option either. In such situations, renting a storage unit in your region is the best solution. Let’s say you reside in or near Nashville, Tennessee. In that case, you can search “Nashville storage units” and rent out reliable storage units.

2.       Declutter your house

Once you have arranged a safe storage place for your belongings, now you can move towards decluttering your house. Take out all the unnecessary items that you don’t need right now. It could be boxes full of old toys, out-of-season clothes, old furniture that finds no place in your house, or even your old vehicles.

You can keep all these things in a storage unit rented near your house. Once you successfully do it, be ready to see a remarkable change in the appearance of your humble abode.

3.       Donate and sell the remaining stuff

Even after you have sent your stuff to the storage unit, there can be many things cramming your house. If you don’t need this stuff even in the future, it’s better to donate it to a nearby charity or sell it in a yard sale. This way, you will create more space to adjust more important items in the house while helping others.

The stuff you sold or donated might be excessive for you, but it can be a treasure for others needing it in their place.

4.       Clear the floor

We often start pilling stuff in the corner in the form of stacked boxes or luggage bags. But you must realize that the floor is not a storage place. The piles of stuff stacked in the corners reduce the walking area, making the house look smaller and cramped. Likewise, you might be keeping things aside because you have planned to send them to a charity. But in most situations, these piles get bigger until they practically take over.

So, suppose you have made such plans. In that case, it’s better to pursue them as quickly as possible because they often get postponed for an indefinite time. Once you clear these corners, your house will look spacious and stop appearing claustrophobic.

5.       Scale down your furnishings

A crucial step in making a small space look bigger is scaling down the furnishings in your house because proportion is everything in tiny apartments. Everything from furniture to fixtures and carpets should be in proportion with the overall space in your home.

If the furniture is bigger than needed, it will take extra space and block the walking area, making your house look stuffed. Similarly, when choosing the furniture, ensure to go for sleek yet minimalist pieces. For instance, a functional chair will give you as much seating space as an overstuffed couch but takes very little space in comparison.

6.       Chose lighter colored paints

You will be astonished to see how a mere change in your paint color makes your house look more spacious and welcoming. If you have a smaller space, always go for light-colored paints for the entire house. The light color of the paint makes the walls look farther away from each other, creating an illusion of expansive space. That’s because light color bounces maximum light, and it may seem like the walls are receding.

The most suitable pallet for such a house is whites, greys, and various shades of creams and yellows.

7.       Opt for a lower profile

Tall and bulky furniture makes the house look small and congested. On the contrary, a lower profile of your belongings such as couch, bed, and tables make the space look expansive by creating more space above and around them. You can even go for placing the mattress directly on the floor if you don’t intend to block the room with a wooden or metal bed permanently. Opting for 19th-century furniture pieces might be closer to your liking as it’s extremely low profile.



The key to perfectly managing a smaller space is reducing the extra stuff and striving for minimalistic d├ęcor. You might need to constantly think about what you need the most in your house and things that can go into the storage facility for the time being. Moreover, you also need to consider the furnishings you bring in and their arrangement. The idea is to opt for things that make your house look more open and inviting.

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