Friday 25 February 2022

Crazy Ice Bubbles! Bubbles Built For Winter!

Have you ever wanted to blow bubbles in the winter? As a mother and daycare owner I know for a fact that bubbles are wanted year round by all kids! They absolutely love bubbles! 

Crazy Ice Bubbles can be used for winter birthday parties, winter weddings, winter photo shoots and so much more! Not to mention they will make an amazing Christmas present for future holidays! 

Getting kids outside during the colder months isn’t always easy so take a crack at Crazy Ice Bubbles and see what kind of adventure you can begin! 

Crazy Ice Bubbles development started in September of 2020 by Wishbone Consumer Products in partnership with So&Yam. After 5 months, the winter bubble formula was finalized. We believe it's the perfect solution for Winter Time Fun!

Crazy Ice Bubbles is a special formula to be easily used in Winter! 

The surface tension (strength) of this Crazy Ice Bubble solution is different than a regular bubble solution. Its thicker solution makes winter bubble fun last longer.

Winter snow sector products will be the preferred winter fun activities around the world. Look for our other Snow Sector Products!

Wishbone is focused on the creation, production, and distribution of unique quality products, always aiming for fun and smiles! We are here for the BUZZ!

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Features & details 

  • Safe and Fun for Kids - Our bubble solution is non-toxic and developed to be safe for kids with no irritation to their skin and face. With your kids' safety as our number one priority, you can focus on having fun finding new and creative ways to play games! Have a competition to see who can catch the most bubbles, who can blow the biggest farthest flying bubble, or think outside the box and make your own creative and fun games for you and your family to enjoy!

  • Bubble Wand Included - Crazy Ice Bubbles also comes with a built-in bubble wand that creates lots of bubbles. With it's quick and easy to store design, you can comfortably take this with you everywhere you go. Don't forget to try these out in the winter for unique freezing entertainment. Your kids can create incredible frozen ice bubbles within minutes!

  • Special Bubble Solution Made For Winter - The Crazy Ice Bubble formula has been specially designed to work in freezing temperatures. This means our high quality bubble solution will not only outperform regular bubble solutions with stronger and longer lasting bubbles. Our solution works late in the year before and after the snow starts falling. No matter the time of year, our Ice Bubbles will be an exciting and reliable source of fun.

  • Winter, Spring and Summer Fun - Whether you’re out in your yard or enjoying the slopes of your local snow covered hill, our bubbles will make a great addition! Don’t forget to bring them out at parties, they are ideal for birthdays, weddings, classroom parties, trips, stocking stuffers and for other events. Our Bubbles will create an enjoyable fun environment for friends and family of all ages!

  • CUSTOMER FIRST COMPANY: Here at Wishbone, customer service and satisfaction come first, and we back that up with high quality products and an open door of communication between the buyer and seller. This means that if you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, we are here to resolve them for you as efficiently as possible in a professional manner. With our trusted support, it’s time to get off the screens and promote a fun and healthy lifestyle right outside your door!

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