Sunday 20 February 2022

Empty Nesters’ Guide: What to Do When Your Kids Have Grown and Flown


Aah, the empty nest. It's a bittersweet time for many parents. On the one hand, you're finally free to do what you want without constantly stepping on Lego pieces or having someone ask for a snack every five minutes. But on the other hand, your babies are all grown up and gone! You may be feeling a range of emotions right now: happiness, sadness, loneliness, freedom. No matter how you feel, it's time to start thinking about what comes next. So what do you do when your kids have grown and flown? Let's get started!

We know you're going to be sad and miss those little ones, but think of all the time you can spend doing something that's been on your bucket list. Maybe it's a trip abroad or finally learning how to surf. Make certain you take some time for yourself first before jumping into anything else.

Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself: It's Going to be Okay!

It's only natural to feel melancholy occasionally and want to open up their childhood keepsake box. Acknowledge these sentiments but don't allow them to consume you. Remember that it's time to move forward, not that you need to give away any of those recollections. With storage units Montrose, you can keep all of your children's mementos safe while they are away.

Embrace Your Freedom: It's Your Time!

It's been a while since you've gotten to do your own hobbies after years of waking up early every day, preparing lunches, and driving children to soccer practice. Now is the perfect opportunity for some much-needed solo me-time! Read that book, see that movie or finish painting that masterpiece from 20 years ago—the sky is truly the limit when there are no kids to answer to.

Just because your nest is empty doesn't mean your home has to be! Consider taking in a student for a year or hosting visiting family members.

Get Involved: Volunteer and Live

Getting involved in your children's lives and watching them develop is one of the most enjoyable aspects of having kids. Once they've flown the coop, it's time to find other ways to get connected in your community.

Volunteer with a local charity, sign up for a class at the community center or join a social group that centers around activities you love (like hiking or biking). You'll make some wonderful new friends and have plenty of stories to share with your now-grown children.

The most important thing to remember as an empty nester is that this isn't the end of something. It's just a new season in your life and one you can embrace with open arms.

The World Beckons You: Are You Ready to Travel?

For many empty-nesters, travel is a top priority. With no children or pets at home and a secure profession, you may now travel to any destination in the world for as long as your heart desires.

There are so many places to see and things to do that narrowing down where you should go first can be challenging! The most crucial thing is discovering a place that matches your interests and hobbies. If ancient history fascinates you, consider planning excursions across Europe's historical landmarks or touring South America's famous archaeological sites.

If natural beauty is more your speed, look into camping trips across North America's national parks or hiking holidays in New Zealand. When it comes to travel, the world is your oyster! And if you're not sure where to start, check out some of these popular destinations for empty nesters:

·         Spain

·         Italy

·         France

·         Norway

·         Australia

Blogging: Does it Interest You?

If you've always wanted to be a writer, consider starting your own travel blog. You could even write about some of the places you're visiting on your trip! It is a great way to ensure that while you're having fun and exploring the world, you don't forget where home is.

Sharing photos on socialmedia or writing blogs helps keep family members updated with what's going on in your life overseas — whether it's good or bad — which can help strengthen relationships with those back home. Plus, if something does go wrong during one of these trips (like losing all your luggage or getting into an accident), then loved ones will know how they can get involved too!

Leave Your Comfort Zone: Try New Things

Now's the time to try all those things you've wanted to do but were too scared to do before! Bungee jumping? Check. White water rafting? You betcha. Skydiving? Why not! These new experiences will excite your life and make you feel alive again.

Fill the Void: Get a Pet

Getting a pet is a 'purrfect' way to fill the void that's been left in your home since your kids have flown the coop. Pets provide companionship, love, and endless hours of entertainment (especially if you get a dog). They're also ideal for when you just want to snuggle with someone without dealing with another person.

Plant That Garden: Get Back to Nature

Getting back to nature is a fantastic way to connect with your inner self. Gardening is a great way to do this; it allows you to be one with the earth, and watching things grow can be incredibly rewarding. You don't even need a big yard – you can plant a garden in containers on your porch or balcony.

Kitchen gardening is another popular choice of empty-nester community. Grow your own herbs and spices and keep experimenting with new recipes for everyone to enjoy.

New Language: Up for a Challenge?

Learning a new language should never be underestimated, and now that your children are grown, it's the perfect time to begin. There are various online resources and classes available, or you could take a trip to a country where the language is spoken.

You'll be able to connect with people in a whole new way and make some unforgettable memories while you're at it. Trust us; these new experiences will help keep you young at heart.

Get Busy: It's Renovation Time

It's time you started to create your dream home. Remember, no one is going to make a mess now. So get the paint out and get busy with those DIY projects that had been put on hold for so long!

It is a fun way of keeping yourself busy, plus you'll be able to show off your new place when your friends and family come over.

The Gist:

Just because your kids are grown and gone doesn't mean that your life has to come to a screeching halt. In fact, it could be the ideal time to focus on yourself and finally do all those things you've always wanted to do. Maybe you want to switch careers or go back to school. Or perhaps you've been dreaming of traveling the world but never had the chance when your kids were young. Now that you're free from the restraints of parenthood, there's no stopping you!

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