Thursday 17 March 2022

3 Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit during Home Renovations



There can be many reasons for giving a makeover to your property. You could be thinking about selling it later at a better price, making your house more functional, or making space for additional stuff. Some people renovate their house when their kids are growing, and they need their own rooms and space to spend time. Reasons can be disparate, but the result is often the same, a mixture of stress and excitement. You are excited to witness changes in your life, but you are stressed because it requires considerable changes in your life. There is the issue of taking care of your stuff and ensuring its safety. During renovations, workers roam in your house, so your belongings are prone to get damaged. Therefore, it is important to think about the extra stuff in your home, especially from the area where renovation occurs. One way to ensure the safety of your belongings is by renting a storage facility.

A storage facility has many storage units to put your stuff during the renovation. There are countless benefits of renting a storage facility. But before you know about them, you must find the right storage facility that suits your requirement.

How to find the right storage facility?

The most practical way to find a storage facility is by looking for it in your area. It is easier to transfer your belongings if the storage units are not far from your house. Are you not sure who to ask or how to find a nearby storage facility? Befriend Google! You can easily find a storage unit with a location-based online search. Let’s say you live in Bonny Lake. The appropriate query would be to search “bonney lake storage,” and you will get various storage unit options in your area. The search results also mention their contact details and website. Visit a few of these facilities and see what works best according to your budget and other requirements. Now that you know how to find the most suitable storage facility, let’s find out why you really need a storage facility.

1.       Safeguard your belongings

First is the security of your belongings. Storage units are developed in well-guarded facilities. There are CCTV cameras and security systems in place that monitor the safety of your belonging. No unauthorized individual can access your belongings. Storage facilities often have external security firms on board to look after the facility at night.

Moreover, the units are locked with a state-of-the-art keypad and lock systems. Penetration through them is almost impossible. To provide safety against any mishaps, there are up-to-the-minute fire alarms and hazard monitoring systems.

On the contrary, if you keep your belongings in the house during the renovation, there is a possibility of theft. During this time, your whole house is open to contractors and workers unfamiliar to you. You might be sure of the contractors and their team, but you can never be too sure. So, as much as you try, you cannot keep your stuff safe. Besides, with your life already in chaos, you cannot spend your time fretting about the safety of your belongings. So, why not choose a storage facility and get rid of all this hassle.

2.       Declutter your house

During the renovation, your house is fairly cluttered. The whole life seems upside down. You have to clear the areas where renovations are taking place. Therefore, other areas get messier. A storage unit can declutter your house, making the remaining belongings more manageable. Before renovating, you can move out your furniture to keep it from accidental paint splashes. The mirror only needs a nick from a heavy object to break apart completely. These incidents can make your renovation project costlier. When you put the extra furniture, crockery, electronics, kids toys, books, etc., in a storage facility, you can make more space for smoothly carrying out renovation. Besides, there is always a chance that the laborers may use the furniture carelessly. Imagine someone using your favorite upholstery as a stool to reach a high point on the wall. There could be nothing more perplexing than this image.

3.       Safeguard them from dust and debris

You cannot deny the dust that engulfs your house when renovating. There is dust coming with the footsteps of the workers and through doors and windows wide open all the time. Moreover, sacks of cement, tools, machinery and other building materials bring loads and loads of it. You cannot prevent the dust and debris from coming to your house, but keeping your belongings safe is surely in your power. Dust and debris can cause your belongings to malfunction and destroy the furniture. Besides, cleaning up the dust and debris once you are done with renovation is a hassle too. Even if you keep your stuff in a separate room in the house, the dust can still penetrate through cracks, crevices, and unknown access points. So renting a storage facility is a much better choice.


Storage units are a convenient solution for many homeowners wanting to take care of their belongings. At the same time, they intend to carry out a smooth renovation that makes their house more functional. A storage facility helps you take care of your belongings and ensure no damage occurs to them. The additional damage can increase the cost of your renovation project or may impede it from getting finished on time.

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