Thursday 17 March 2022

8 Ways To Make More Space In Your Home


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Let's face it; everyone wants to live in a nice, spacious, clean home. But not everyone has the money to move into a big house. While this is a sad fact, it does not necessarily mean the only way to enjoy a spacious house is to buy one. Yes, you too can enjoy the luxury of infinite space without going bankrupt.

Al it takes is a clever usage of ideas and a bloody good decluttering strategy to make a small house feel big enough. There are a handful of other awesome and creative ways through which you can add more space to your humble abode.

Come and take a look at how you can upsize your home while weaving in a few smart aspects and improving the overall appeal of your property:

1.       Get rid of some stuff

The first step in making your home appear more spacious is to get rid of what you don't need. Learning how to declutter is the best way to maximize your space, and going room by room is the most effective way to declutter your home. Divide complicated or larger rooms into zones to help you stay organized. Then, work quickly to decide what items to keep and what to throw away, sell, or donate.

You may even have a handful of possessions you can't give away, for example, family heirlooms and seasonal items. So you can rent self-storage and keep them away for safekeeping of such possessions. If you live in parts of Canada that experience more seasonal variance, such as British Columbia, you'll benefit by availing this service even more. A quick Google search can help you locate a good facility near you. For example, residents in the southern part of the province can look up 'self storage Kelowna' and browse nearby options. Repeat the same for any city you live in to take advantage of this tip.

2.       Have a vertical perspective 

Don't overlook the space above your head and below your feet. They are ideal for storing out-of-season, holiday, rarely used, and worn items. Take advantage of higher spaces by purchasing a sturdy step ladder that will allow you to access these areas.

Don't keep anything too heavy up there. Boxes containing large appliances or books should be kept low to the ground. Use small containers that are lightweight for higher spaces. You will not be hurt if they come crashing down on you. Moreover, use plastic storage containers for the area near the floor. They stack well and help you find everything from footwear to gift wrap.

3.       Make use of lucite and glass

By using see-through materials, anything beyond will appear further away. For example, in a small bathroom, replace an opaque glass shower enclosure with a concise, frameless one. The room is the same size as before, but it will appear larger.

You can now see the wall behind the shower clearly ––it's only three extra feet, but it makes a significant difference. For tabletops, you can also use Lucite or glass. The space around the table will open up the view beyond with a sturdy base of metal, stone, or wood.

4.       Ensure the furniture is in the proper proportions

Contrary to popular belief, furnished rooms appear larger than unfurnished rooms. Rather than removing furniture to make it appear larger, keep it for a more expansive layout and feel. However, don't crowd the space with so much furniture that it becomes difficult to move around. Seek a proper balance.

5.       Put up a mirror

A big mirror creates the illusion of space in a closed space. It not only draws the eye upward, but it also swings light around the room, making any space appear brighter and bigger. However, take note of the framing. Be sure to match it with the rest of your aesthetic, or it will stick out like a sore thumb.

6.       Choose soothing monochromatic colors

Use a palette of lighter colors, such as powder blue, pistachio greens, baby pink, fleeting sunshine, or all-time favorite whites in ivory and pearl shades. The visual continuity of these pale colors on walls allows for easy eye movement and creates the illusion of space. The same rule applies when selecting upholstery textures and patterns. Similar colors and patterns of in-home linen and wallpaper visually connect spaces, causing one area to blend into another.

7.       Bring the outdoors in

The greenery outside is comforting and therapeutic, and it is always welcome. If you can capture a piece of nature and display it in your home, do so. The dappled sunlight, green fingers, and fresh air create a new area. The outside expanse adds to the illusion of extra space inside.

8.       Experiment with the lighting 

Light can make a room appear larger than it is. You can lighten up a room and add altitude by using different types of lighting around the house. Clean windows frequently to allow more natural light. You can also use a dimmer to manage the brightness of artificial light to manage the space's ambiance.


You don't need a mansion to live in a spacious abode. These tips mentioned above can help you create enough positive space in your home for it to feel airy and look visually attractive. Start by decluttering and gradually work your way toward making incremental changes in your home's d├ęcor till you think it's spacious enough.

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