Saturday 19 March 2022

Teaching kids to be compassionate during pandemic battles.

We are all being forced to choose a side or push up against each other on our views and beliefs regarding mask mandates, vaccines, passports and everything else the pandemic has thrown at us. This has created anger, frustration and confusion amongst our children and we need to try and diffuse the issues before we create more harm than good. 

We are firm believers in doing what is right for you and your family and having the option to do what you think is right or feel is safe. We have a vast majority of people who are very afraid of getting sick and not making it and others who believe there is nothing to be afraid of. Regardless of how you feel it is now rubbing off on your children and here is how we can try to mend this:

Talk about Covid and pandemic matters away from your kids. If you have strong beliefs on what should or should not be done don’t openly argue about it in front of your kids. They are always listening and picking up on this negativity and it is creating friction.

Answer questions without blame or judgement and keep it simple. Don’t start calling people out and separating the groups regardless of how you feel. This pandemic has created enough hate and hurt in this world and we don’t need our kids becoming biased because of vaccines, masks and illness.

Keep the news off while your kids are in the room or try to minimize what they are seeing on the internet. Many of the kids watching are getting confused and scared when they hear illness and sickness is all around them and they do not understand fully what is happening. I had a four year old tell me they dislike the doctors on TV because they are lying and they don’t even know what’s going on. They are too small to be filled with hate. 

We are slowly getting back to normal but if things end up getting worse or another world wide situation breaks out we need to be prepared to handle it without filling our kids heads with so much negativity. Love and compassion is the best way to go and hopefully we can all take the steps needed to teach this to everyone, not just the kids.

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