Tuesday 1 March 2022

The Best Ferret Products

We absolutely love our Ferrets! They are so sweet, lovable, adorable, and entertaining. We have learned over the last few years what they like, how to “ferret proof” your home as you would with a toddler and signs of any health issues. The one thing I wish people would tell you first is:

They are prone to health issues, and they can get blockages from eating random objects and fuzzies.

Pets get sick and let’s face it we are responsible for them and will have to face the vet bills, so think of this before getting a ferret please. They are also very social and don’t like to be alone for long so if you only get one it will get lonely and if you aren’t around to take care of it don’t bother getting it. 

Their smell is 100% manageable and is not that bad. They kind of smell like a musk, that smell gets worse if they aren’t on the proper diet and if they are bathed too often. Keep their cage clean! Poop stinks, so clean it often and wash their bedding. They also need fresh, clean, food and water regularly to keep from smelling like death. 

Food is a very touchy subject for lots of ferret owners so I won’t get into it as depending on where you buy your ferrets they will recommend a food to feed them to ensure they are covered under the pet stores warranty. Use your judgement and talk to some long term ferret owners. 

Now for our favourite products to get your furries started off right:

Ferret Nation Cage 

Easy to clean, doors open big and wide and trays slide out making it number one! The ferret nation cage is the perfect amount of space for them when they need to be inside, they can play and explore each level and you can build it up more if needed.

Midwest Clip On Metal Bowls

Ferrets will flip over water bowls and food dishes and make a huge mess it’s just their nature. They even do it with the bowls attached to the wall but this makes for much less of a mess. Clip on bowls are a huge must for little diggers.

The Pampered Ferret Salmon Oil

My babies absolutely go crazy for this salmon oil by The Pampered Ferret! It is the best treat for distractions while clipping nails and a great reward for good behaviour! We have used cheaper bulk versions as well and they love this one from Amazon if you don’t want to splurge on a smaller vial. 

Moso Natural Deodorizer Bags

These charcoal air purifying bags work wonders for pet smells and all you do is open it and set it around the cage. No toxic essential oils or perfumes as ferrets do not like those one bit. 

Another great product for odours is this Goodbye Odour liquid you add to their food. It takes away the smell of their urine and helps their poop smell less disgusting! 

Toys, Hammocks, and Hideaways! 

Have fun being a ferret parent and love them as much as I love mine! 

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