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Best Places to Raise a Family in Colorado

We can agree that Colorado has a lot to offer! It is a state known for its breathtaking landscapes. Everyone who enjoys spending time in nature will be amazed by its forests, mountains, dunes, and hot springs. Whether you want to hike in Rocky Mountain National Park or ski in Vail, you’ll have an unforgettable experience! So, if you are a family with a taste for adventure, many places in Colorado will check at least one of your boxes. However, we know that when choosing a place to raise a family, there is a lot more to consider. Crime rates, education, affordability, and cultural scene determine whether an area is family-friendly or not. If we consider all of these factors, several towns and cities will appear suitable. So, what are the best places to raise a family in Colorado? In this article, we are going to present you with several choices. 

Caption: The state of Colorado is known for its breathtaking landscapes!

Our top picks of the best places to raise a family in Colorado

When choosing a family-friendly place to relocate, everyone will have similar requirements but different priorities. Of course, you'll want quality education for your kids, but not all locations will be affordable enough. Some parents believe that kids should be raised in small, family-friendly towns. Others think bigger cities offer more opportunities (such as cultural scene and higher-paying jobs). However, it is not an either-or situation. There are rich cultural scenes and good schools in small towns, as there are affordable rents in big cities. Since there are so many variations, there is no definite answer to the question, "What are the best places to raise a family in Colorado?" It all depends on your preferences and the ideal combination of requirements.

Suburbs of Denver, CO 

The Denver suburbs are among the best places to raise a family in Colorado.   

1. Holly Hills 

Holly Hills is a smaller suburb of Denver with a population of 2. 835. With top-ranking public and private schools, excellent employment rates, and low crime, it is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Denver. As it is a suburb, you are close to the city and everything it has to offer (restaurants, museums, theaters, etc.). However, while you can obtain a good job and earn way above the national average, it is not affordable for everyone. The housing is expensive, and the costs of living are high.

2. Cherry Creek

If you're looking for a slightly bigger community, Cherry Creek is the right choice (population 12,496). As with Holly Hills, this neighborhood has excellent schools and solid employment rates, and it is safe. With the city close by, a quality cultural scene is guaranteed. It is a bit more affordable than Holly Hills but still among the expensive communities. 

We can agree that the quality of life for your family has no price. If you choose to move to a neighborhood such as Holly Hills or Cherry Creek, there are always ways to handle finances. Be sure to teach your kids to save money as well.

Caption: Suburbs of Denver rank among the best places to raise a family in Colorado.

Neighborhoods in Aurora, CO

If you’re looking for a city smaller than Denver but with a bit of an urban feel, Aurora is a great choice. 

1. Tallyn’s Reach

It is a neighborhood in Aurora with a population of 11. 974. As it is one of the most important things to look for when searching for the best places to raise a family, we can tell you that the schools in this neighborhood rank among the best in the state. It is a safe and affordable place to live. Since Aurora is not as big as Denver, the cultural scene is not as colorful, but you can always find something to do.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you fell in love with this place upon the first visit and decide that this is the right spot to raise your family. If this happens to you, all you would need is to find a perfect home, hire a moving crew, and relocate. A reliable moving company will speed up the process, so you can enjoy your new life in no time. 

2. Prides Crossing 

This community in Aurora has a population of 13. 245. Like Tallyn’s Reach, it is a peaceful suburban and family-friendly place. It is very safe, has great schools, and it’s affordable. It is perfect for families who enjoy small community vibes. Living in these family-friendly places can also teach kids about community and the environment.

Caption: Suburban neighborhoods of Aurora are safe, family-friendly, and affordable.

Suburbs of Colorado Springs, CO   

As well as Denver and Aurora, Colorado Springs also boasts great suburbs for raising a family. 

1. Woodmoor

It is a typical suburban community mostly known for its safety. If low crime rates are your priority, it is a place to consider. It has good schools, and it's overall affordable. If you need a change of scenery and something more urban, you can visit Colorado Springs. Many available outside activities, such as hiking and camping, are a big plus. Outdoor activities are also among the best summer activities for kids’ growth and development.

2. Gleneagle

Gleneagle is another peaceful and safe suburban community (population of 6. 885). It is one of those places where you can know almost all of your neighbors. Gleneagle is affordable, with good schools and a lot of outdoor activities.

Next step: long-distance move 

Congratulations, you probably found your ideal place to raise a family! In addition to looking for a perfect home, you also have to organize the move. Keep in mind that finding a good and reliable moving company is among the most important things. Their job is to make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Caption: Choosing a good and reliable moving company is one of the most important steps.

Yes, there is a lot to consider if you want your belongings in good hands! Moving companies associated with advise that you should take your time and carefully pick the company that is right for you. After all, your needs and requirements are a priority.


Raising a family is a challenge! Ask any parent, and they will tell you how much they have to juggle. You are constantly deciding something. Is this school the right choice? Do they have enough physical activity? Although numerous parenting books will try to convince you there is a right parenting style, the truth is, there is none. It is a combination of many. However, relocating to a family-friendly place will help you through this challenge. Hopefully, with our top picks of the best places to raise a family in Colorado, you will find the perfect home. 

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