Tuesday 26 April 2022

Move Over Margaritas-Beer Salt For Cinco De Mayo Cocktails-#DressyourBeerRitual

Salt-rimmed cocktails are all the rage for Cinco de Mayo (margs, anyone?) but this year, we’re celebrating with another kind of salt, beer salt!

Twang is a San Antonio-based Latino-owned company that has pioneered beer salt’s acceptance for people all over the US, making “dressing your beer” a common practice. Well-known in border towns, it wasn't until Twang launched that it grew in popularity throughout the Lone Star State and beyond. 

Edmundo Macias, the Director of Marketing at Twang Partners says, “The ritual of putting salt and lime in your beer is well-known in Latino communities and a longstanding Mexican-inspired tradition. Instead of putting it inside, 

Twang combined it in their citrus beer salt and placed it on the rim of the drink, calling it "dressing your beer". Twang beer salts to add to the beer drinking experience and is especially good with Mexican beer and domestic lager. The "dressing your beer" ritual is quickly gaining popularity throughout the country” 

In 1986, out of an old garage, Twang’s lemon lime beer salt made with all-natural ingredients was born. Twang’s success has allowed them to expand over the decades into flavored salt for food, cocktail rimmer blends, michelada mix and more. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo from home using their cocktail rimmer blend, Twang-A-Rita, by making the cocktail below, a Twang partnership with B-Side Cocktail Lounge at Hyatt in Baltimore.

Visit https://www.twang.com/ to learn more about Twang and their products. 

Red Clay

1 serving


- Twang-A-Rita Safari Spice

- lime

- fresh juice of 1 lime

-.5 oz simple syrup 

-.5 oz Cointreau Orange Liqueur 

- slice up a quarter of a red bell pepper 

- 2 slices of Serrano pepper

- 1.5 ounces reposado tequila

- dehydrated lime wheel  

1) First pour Twangarita Safari Spice ( Spicy Mango salt) onto a plate

2) With a lime wedge, wet the rim of the entire cocktail glass

3) Dip the rim of the glass into the salt and rotate until the rim is fully covered

4) Add lime juice, simple syrup, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, red bell pepper and Serrano pepper to shaker and muddle extracting the pepper flavor

5) Add tequila and ice then shake vigorously and strain into the rimmed cocktail glass

6) Garnish with dehydrated or fresh lime wheel

Recipe credit to B-Side Cocktail Lounge, Hyatt in Baltimore






In 1986, Twang Founder Roger Treviño left his career to embark into the food industry, where he experienced an epiphany on a business trip in Mexico. While visiting a Mexican street vendor selling citrus salt, he was reminded of his childhood growing up in San Antonio with an abundance of Latino flavors. Treviño returned home inspired to create a variety of flavored salts to share with friends and family. His first product and claim to fame was beer salt, an integral product of the Southern trend of dressing beers and other libations. Twang started out of his garage with the Treviño children enlisted to help.

If you love the taste of pickles Twang has got you covered in so many ways! The rimming salt and beer salt in pickle flavour are just like sucking on a big crunchy dill pickle!

I sat down and enjoyed a nice cold Corona with a few different salts and never wanted to continue drinking more in my life. The flavours were out of this world and you can create so many amazing cocktails to suite everyone’s needs.

I am especially excited to try their rimming sugars to make some sweet drinks when the mood strikes! This looks like an amazing way to get started:

Simply rim your glasses with sweet and salty Twang rimming salt and add drink ingredients to a cocktail shaker.

Carefully pour and sit to enjoy! 

There are so many amazing drinks I am going to try this summer thanks to the arsenal that Twang has provided me, I am very excited. 

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