Monday 30 May 2022

Garage Door Designs - Which Is Right For You?

When you own your home you can easily get sucked into the curb appeal competition that happens in every neighborhood. Whether it’s on purpose or just sort of happens as we try to keep up with “The Joneses” it is easy to get carried away and start spending obscene amounts of money on ridiculous things you don’t need. Water features, unique plants and planters, lights and motion detectors the list goes on and on. The one thing we all can agree on is if you have a garage you need to have a decent garage door.  

There are 6 different styles of garage doors made available to us and each has its own challenges whether it’s with positioning, pricing, or maintenance. Certain styles won’t work on your home without some major adjustments and if you live in an area with strata or maintenance you aren’t allowed to stray too far from the homes original design. Take a look at what will work for your home and budget and this will help narrow down your options. 

The basic sectional garage door is the most popular and affordable in most of North and South America. Not only is it the simplest design that everyone is accustomed to but finding affordable parts and maintenance for this style is as simple as a google search. 

Next on the list is roll up garage doors. Another popular choice but costs more than a sectional as it is built to withstand maximum usage and can hold up in all types of temperatures and weather. Depending on the style you get it can cost you a small fortune. You can even get these doors built without springs creating less noise and longer lasting units altogether. If you do have springs always check them for rust and corrosion so you don’t get locked in or out of your garage one day. Garage door spring replacement in Los Angeles or anywhere in the world can be done quickly and easily with trained technicians waiting for your call. Don’t try to save money by buying online without knowing all the specs first, this may just lead to more of a headache than anything else. 

Slide to the side garage doors are more on the fancy side of garage doors. They aren’t as popular as roll ups and sectional but can costs more due to its location and upkeep. 

Next up is a hat tip to old fashioned with the side hinge garage doors. Many cheaper versions are made from wood but you can get steel doors for maximum protection. These doors are growing in popularity mainly because they can be placed on a pre existing carport or newer built garage with less head room. 

Tilt up canopy doors are probably the fanciest of all garage doors and you may have seen them in some movies. The sleek and silent design is very stylish and doesn’t take away from the design of the home

Regardless of which garage door you have it’s always good to maintain and care for it so it doesn’t cost you a fortune later on. Like any part of your home you should have a routine maintenance schedule and when there is a problem trust trained professionals to get the job done right. 

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