Monday 30 May 2022

High School Graduation Invitations for the Class of ’22

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means one thing in the world of teenagers: high school graduation. After four long years, you and your fellow classmates are finally ready to walk across the stage and collect your high school diploma. Before the big day arrives, though, you’ll need to start thinking about how you want to send out your invitations to friends and family members who will be there to celebrate with you on this momentous occasion.


Script Cap Graduation Invitations



This is the Best Way to Do High School Graduation Invitations: Whether you’re planning a high school graduation party or not, it’s never too early to plan ahead. This gives your family plenty of time to get everything ready and helps prevent last-minute stress. 


By starting out with invitations, you can save a lot on printing costs (consider sending e-vites, rather than printing copies), and even more on time—letting friends know about your plans early gives them plenty of notice so they don’t have to worry about whether they can make it or not. 


After all, if you send them four months in advance, they know that they have lots of time before graduation day comes around. That way, they can start making arrangements to attend. If you wait until closer to the date, however, some people might not be able to come at all because of other commitments. So start by ordering high school graduation announcements today.


Proper Grad Graduation Announcements


 The best part about high school graduation announcements is you don’t need to send out an invitation. The teacher graduation invitation acts as an invitation and lets everyone know that you will be throwing a party (most likely on your lawn) at a certain time and date. 


Traditionally, high school graduation parties last around 4 hours. Many people start gathering beforehand and enjoy some drinks. It’s not uncommon to have family members, friends, and future employers show up early to mingle with your guests while you set up. 


The main bulk of guests usually arrives around 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm depending on how many people are invited. Some parents send cards along with their kids’ invitations as they feel it makes it more formal/special.  Most importantly, make sure you write a dress code. 


You don’t want any of your guests showing up in sweats or shorts. For those who like to go all out, there are plenty of fun things you can do to decorate. If you want something simple, then balloons work great. Just fill them with helium and tie them off on fences or trees in colorful patterns. 


Balloons can also be placed inside vases or even used as centerpieces by placing flowers inside them. Candles are another good decoration idea since they add light without taking away from other decorations such as balloons or flowers. Finally, food is always important when having a party so make sure there’s enough for everyone.


Arch Frame Graduation Announcements


 Summer after senior year can be a stressful time for most teens. Between saying goodbye to their friends, preparing for college, and working multiple jobs, it’s difficult to find enough hours in each day. To help relieve some of that pressure, graduation announcements should make planning an easier task.



Arch Frames makes ordering high school graduation announcements easy. Just select your favorite style from our online gallery, upload your photos and personalize your design with text and graphics from our library. We’ll print them at our framing facility and ship them right to you within seven business days. Also, enjoy free shipping on all orders above $29 or rush delivery just in time for graduation.


It’s also fun to include where they went to school before so there are no surprises when they show up at their new campus looking exactly like everyone else. You could say Congrats! Graduating from and heading to.


You can even add a little color-coding so graduates wearing caps and gowns stand out. Or instead of showing both graduates in caps and gowns, have them wear their favorite outfits. One could be dressed as a nurse while another wears his football uniform. Whatever works best for you and your grads is great too.


Ordering has never been so simple—or affordable. Check out Arch Frames today and save big when you shop for high school graduation announcements. Order by June 15th to ensure your invitations arrive in time for commencement ceremonies in mid-June.


If you're just looking to send out one announcement to a small group, using an arch frame is a great way to do it. An arch has a built-in element of design and drama that will look beautiful in your photo, no matter how large or small your group may be. 


This template features alternating colors and two images (depending on how many people you want to include). It’s great if you’re looking for something small yet modern—or simple yet creative.


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