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Is San Antonio a good place for starting a family?


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If you're a young couple wondering whether San Antonio is a good place for starting a family, keep reading. We've got your back!

To make your decision-making process easier, we've done our share of research. We comprised a list of things you need to know if you're considering moving to San Antonio. So, let’s get going, shall we?

Cost of living

Before relocating to San Antonio, the first thing on your list should be to check how affordable it is to live there. Buying or renting a home should be next on your list. Except downtown, which is usually the most expensive area of any city, purchasing a home in San Antonio is quite affordable compared to the national average. You can buy a pretty decent family home for the median home price of $175,000.

According to recent estimations, the overall cost of living is 14% below the national average. With lower housing costs and no state income tax, you get to save up significantly more than you would be able if you lived in some other cities in Texas.

Learning how to handle your finance now that you’ve decided to start a family is a prerequisite for stable and organized family life in the future. Gathering all this information regarding the expenses of living in San Antonio can help you make up your mind faster.

Neighborly relations

Unlike other Texas cities, like Dallas and Houston, San Antonio, though a big city, has still retained a small-town charm. Having friendly neighbors becomes a quality that makes a difference once you have your own family. Your top priority is to keep it safe and surrounded by caring people. Texans are hospitable people, and that fact becomes pretty evident when you visit San Antonio. Once you taste their authentic hospitality, you will get back for some more!

San Antonio has a significant number of family-driven neighborhoods, and according to experts from, below are some of the most prominent ones. They say many of their clients who decided to make San Antonio their home chose these places:

Alamo Heights

This area of San Antonio is highly sought after, so expect a bit higher home prices. The place is home to the reputable Alamo Heights School District, and that's the main reason most families want to move to this part of San Antonio.

Great Northwest

The perfect neighborhood in San Antonio if you want to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of the big city. A family will find all that they need here: affordable homes, excellent schools, and, more importantly, safety.

Northwest Crossing

What makes this area of San Antonio unique is how vast green spaces are. No need to worry about how to spend your weekends with kids. If you're an outdoorsy type and want to give your kids a chance to experience time in nature more, then seek no more.

Stone Oak

Another fantastic area of the city, with one advantage that suits some families – it's close to the downtown area. If you're searching for a neighborhood close to the city center but with more space and less noise, this is the perfect area.

Terrell Hills

This neighborhood boasts safety and some top-notch schools that make this part of San Antonio very appealing to families. In addition, this part of town is just a 15-minute drive from the downtown.

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And then there is San Antonio Suburbs

Boerne, Helotes, and Schertz are famous fast-developing San Antonio suburbs that have their appeal. Smaller schools and more affordable housing costs than those in the city area are the things that draw some families to the suburbs.

 We have a perfect fit for you if you like to stay clear of the city hustle yet live near enough to commute to work easily.

Whichever neighborhood you choose to relocate to, hiring local movers will be your best bet at organizing a smooth move. These guys know the area well and will ensure everything goes without a glitch. So, you can rely on neighbors' help to take the burden of moving off your shoulders.

Kid-friendly entertainment

Many appreciate San Antonio as a family-friendly city, with its great choice of recreational activities for kids, parks, and entertainment facilities.

The famous San Antonio Zoo, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Brackenridge Park, The River Walk, Eisenhower Park, Sea World, Natural Bridge Caverns, and Wildlife Range are just some of the most popular kid-friendly places in San Antonio.

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Once you get kids, your priorities change, and you focus on things that will make your family life easier and more enjoyable. If a city does not offer options for spending some quality time with your kids, you should reconsider whether that's the best option.


Caption: Checking what options a city offers regarding education is essential.

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San Antonio offers excellent education opportunities. There are distinguished school districts, public and private schools, and 29 universities and colleges. Moreover, the city prides itself on its diverse culture. Many schools have bilingual and bicultural programs in English and Spanish since 63.9% of the population is Hispanic. Depending on your preferences and finances, there are plenty of options to choose from once you decide to move to San Antonio.

Weather in San Antonio

Before moving to San Antonio, it's good to know what to expect when it comes to the weather conditions, especially if you're planning to spend as much time as possible goofing around with your kids outside.

If you're not a fan of long, cold winters, then there's something you can look forward to. Summers in San Antonio is hot, often reaching up to 100 degrees. The hottest months are July and August. Some like it hot, and there's no need to worry if that's true for you. Winters are pretty mild, rarely below 31 degrees, so you don't have to wrap up in warm clothes all winter long.

The conclusion: San Antonio is a good place for starting a family

Famous as the home of the Alamo, this place is the second-largest city in Texas and the seventh-largest city in the USA. Also, San Antonio is a good place for starting a family and relocation here is an easy step to make once you check the things on our list. We've presented the facts, but it's up to you to decide to migrate to San Antonio to make it your new home. We can bet you won’t regret it!


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