Tuesday 21 June 2022


Are you worried and struggling over the disturbed sleep of your baby as you are new parents in town? No worries! Here are some tips that will make your nights so peaceful and comfortable for you as well as for your baby. As babies spent most of their time in bed so it is necessary to give them a perfect bed such as organic mattresses so they can rest well. An organic mattress is one of the best options to switch on and can help the baby to sleep more comfortably naturally resulting in better growth and development.

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1. Safe Room Temperature

Either too cool or hot temperature can make the baby uncomfortable and disturbs their sleep as they are very sensitive to temperature.  The recommended temperature for babies to sleep best is between 20° to 22.2°C or  68° and 72°F.

2. Organic Mattresses

It helps the baby to sleep more comfortably which is very important for better growth and development. A good quality organic mattress allows easy access to clean air for the baby by making a toxin-free environment so that baby can breathe well.  Organic mattresses prevent exposure to dirt and make a toxin-free environment for babies. They are extremely soft and comfortable, and also very easy on the skin of the baby so no chances of allergies.

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3. Dim Lights

Always turn off the lights or you can even dim the light if you don't comfortable with complete darkness. A dark room or dim lights helps to send critical signals to the body which is why t is most important. A darkened room helps the baby to fall asleep easily and also helps in training the baby for a healthy sleeping routine. So, whenever you dim the lights your child will know that it’s the time for rest. It is advised to keep the light dim or turned off throughout the time baby sleeps in order not to interrupt their sleep.

4.  Air Purifiers

Nose blockage is the most common cause that disturbs the baby's sleep. Ever thought about why? Because the pollutants and dryness in the air cause so much of sinus problems in babies. To reduce this problem always keep a good air purifier in your home so that the baby inhales the pure air. If you sleep in Air conditions or cool areas then also use Humidifiers to avoid dryness.

5. Pacifiers

Pacifiers can help the baby to sleep better as they can soothe themselves. It also reduces the risk of sleep-related death in babies which is sudden infant death syndrome  (SIDS). Pacifiers help to relieve ear pain from air pressure changes and also help to ease the baby's anxiety problems. Just make sure of one thing it should be well cleaned.

Satisfy your baby's sleep with these amazing tips so you and your baby can sleep to the fullest. Hope these tips will work on your little munchkin.

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