Monday 27 June 2022

Top 5 Items To Buy When Preparing To Bring Your New Baby Home

Having a baby is a game changer whether it is your very first, second or fifth they each require so much from you for the rest of your lives. While you were pregnant I’m sure you were preparing for baby by buying nursery items like cribs, mobiles, baby monitors and more, but did you think about what your going to need just for the drive home from the hospital? 

These are the top 5 items parents may overlook when preparing for their trip home.

Car Seat

The baby is going to require a diono car seat canada whether you drive or not. If you plan on walking home or taking a bud your child still needs to be in a car seat. Info to guide you - diono makes a popular car seats - they make a popular diono 3rxt car seat as well as many other models. 


Once your precious bundle of joy is strapped into the car seat you can plop the baby in the car seat into a stroller that connects to your car seat model and walk to where you need to go.

Receiving Blankets

This one is very important and not just for spit up. The head cushions that come with many car seats are not recommended by any hospital and they will inform you that it needs to be removed and replaced with two rolled up receiving blankets, one on either side of your infants head to hold them upright and keep them from tossing their head around in case of sharp turns, fast braking, or an accident. 


A crying baby is never fun to listen to not only for you but for anyone around you. Newborns cry loud and you may have a long trek back home from wherever you may be. Bringing soothers is never a bad idea and it will bring you some sanity and silence over the next few months. 

Backseat Mirror

If you’re driving home and baby is facing backwards it can be stressful not being able to see their beautiful faces. Buy yourself a backseat mirror that goes at babies feet and gives you a visual of your little one in the rear view while your focused on the road. 

These are a few products that many parents may simply forget when all the excitement arrives after all this time waiting. Make life easier for everyone and add these to your hospital checklist and your life will be so much easier. 

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