Monday 27 June 2022

Zen Rooms For Every Type of Person

We all know that a happy heart makes a happy home. But we also know it’s hard to separate our busy home life from a peaceful one — especially if your home is also your office

But creating a dedicated space to find the peace inside of you and your home can be a great way to make your heart happy. If you want to find the best zen room for your personality type, keep reading to find out.  

Why Create Zen Room?

Having a dedicated space to getway can help keep you get centered and deal with stressful situations. Whenever something is taking up energy and time, you can go to this space to relax and feel at peace.  

A zen room can be anywhere from your shed to your spare bedroom or attic, as long you can set yourself as away for a while. 

What Do You Need For A Zen Room?

Although you can make a zen room all yours and fully your style, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when creating one. 

  • Use soothing candles, scents and oil diffusers. 

  • Add neutral colors to keep you calm. 

  • Create a room with minimalism in mind, free of clutter. 

  • Include plants to bring a natural element. 

  • Make sure you have natural light to keep it sunny and fresh. 

Zen Rooms Types

Want to feel inspired? Here are some zen room ideas you can try out. 

  1. Meditation Room

A meditation room is probably what you think about when you think of a zen room. Keep the place very minimalistic to help you drift off when you enter. To help with ambiance you can add a yoga mat, white noise machine, and candles. 

  1. Plant Room

Find taking care of your plants relaxing? Bring the relaxation to its full potential with a plant room. Fill the room with your favorite plants and flowers, and make it extra zen by adding gold elements and industrial hardware to create a dynamic place. 

  1. Library

Do you find yourself the most relaxed when reading? Create your own personal library to drift off into the world of words. Add floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and accent it with comfy couches and armchairs. 


Creating a zen room is a great place to relax when you’re at home or in your second home. Just find what makes you the most relaxed and create a space around it.  

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