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Gift Ideas For Kids & Teens With Disabilities

The holidays are such a magical time of year! Most people enjoy spending time with families, hearing the Christmas music playing in the stores and the general happiness and positive energy people are tossing around like confetti. For some parents the holidays can be a bit more of a challenge and not because of our grinch attitudes or dislike of the season. The holidays are different for some parents because the holidays are different for our kids. As a mother of three beautiful kids, a girl and two boys (both boys have disabilities) I know how unusual it can be to help your kids enjoy the season as much as others. Our oldest boy has ADHD and struggles to complete tasks or enjoy quiet, calm activities like others his age. Our youngest has Asperger’s which makes it a struggle for him to enjoy the wide range of emotions so many kids express this time of year. The holidays are not always easy for them simply because they experience things differently and don’t enjoy the same activities. Th

4 Things You Should Know Before You Opt for Medical Tourism

It is estimated that around  two  million Americans go abroad for medical procedures every year. Cost is usually the main driving factor but there are many cases where people go abroad to benefit from the specific expertise physicians in a country have. While medical tourism can be beneficial to a certain class of patients, it's important to note that there are many costs involved with it that you may  not  have considered. There are also some severe limitations to getting a procedure done ab road , and you  w on't know what it's truly like until you've gone through the process.  Let's  take a look  at a few things you should know before you go for medical tourism. Recovering in Another Country Can Be Tough Have you thought about how it would be for you to recover in completely foreign territory if it's your first time traveling to that  country?  Recovery is already difficult,  so  imagine if you're in a country whose culture you don't fully understand

8 Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep for Anyone

Image Source Everybody knows that a good diet and regular exercise are the two pillars of good health. However, most people fail to realize that a good night’s sleep is also essential to living a healthy life. It is recommended to get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Even one night of disturbed sleep can greatly impact your body, more so as you get older. Thus it is important to ensure that you get proper sleep every night without any disturbances. You can do so by going to bed early and rising up at a suitable time in the morning. Make sure that your bedroom is quiet and dark and that your bed is comfortable. This will help you avoid restlessness at night so that you can avail all the benefits of good quality sleep listed below. Leads to a good mood and lifted spirits Not getting enough sleep can make it harder for you to keep your emotions under control. You might feel very irritable and disgruntled the next day and spend your entire day in low spirits. However

Single Mom Summertime Safety Tips To Use Now That Children Have More Time On Their Hands

According to Tania Haigh, Founder of Kids Too, single moms already have a full plate, and obstacles like the  constant  pressure to make decisions  simply  cause more intimidation and stress . In addition, a  Pew  study reports that  most Americans say women face a lot of pressure to be “involved” mothers.   With that in mind, we love keeping it simple for single moms, and with summertime being a season when parents’ guards may come down a bit and kids live more freely, here are 5 summertime tips to help single moms keep their kids safer. Be aware that predators are among us.  Summertime brings fun opportunities to travel, which often means a child could be traveling on a plane solo to visit the other parent or to spend part of the summer with relatives. Being aware that  predators can lurk in airports  will help moms equip their kids to observe their surroundings and know what to do if they feel they’re in danger. In addition, with regard to relatives, it’s important to know that in 9

Chemical Free, Plastic Free, All Natural Laundry & Dish Cleaning Solution

Popular Canadian brand’s effective alternatives to  chemical-based cleaning products available online  I have always been skeptical of natural cleaning products for some reason in my “media brainwashed” mind natural used to come across as not as good or a lesser product. That is a terrible way to think but I am slowly changing my perspective when I find products as high quality as AspenClean! This product gets my clothes just as clean, just as soft and has none of the harsh chemicals and wasteful plastics the other guys use. Not only am I creating less of a carbon footprint but I am using all natural cleaning products for my family. My dishes sparkle, my laundry is clean and my family is healthier by using a natural alternative! All natural laundry soap pods and dishwasher pods are an excellent addition to every home and is so much better for the planet!  For those of you that are sensitive to fragrance and dyes this product has absolutely none added so you can be sure your skin and fa

How to Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Self-growth is a must for every individual, but only a few  can leap toward the best versions of themselves. Becoming a better version of yourself isn’t an easy task. Every self-development project demands intentionality, consistent efforts, an d discipline to pull off.  Here are a few tips to become the best version yourself.   Define Yourself The road to becoming the best version of yourself starts with a clear image of what that version looks like. What does your future think? In what spaces wo uld you exist? What are  your capabilities? Define yourself and the characteristics you want to portray over the change period. Don’t just visualize them; write the characteristics down. Ponder over them until you're sure the vision of your future self is sp otless and convincing enough.    Live Healthily A huge part of living your best life depends on your diet and daily fitness habits.  So  you may be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t make self-care a priority. Eating a balance

Celebrate Start of School with Personalized Supplies & Memory Makers

Many kids don’t get arts and crafts in school, but these back-to-school projects are fun and easy ways to personalize a few school supplies and capture school memories,” Sandy says.   Sandy has created 7 easy Back to School Crafts that include pencil toppers, a time capsule project, a bookmark, a notebook cover, a magnetic frame for lockers, and two types of handmade fidget toys.   “Typically, fidgets are made to be manipulated or held in the hands. They come in many shapes and materials. They help decrease stress and anxiety, and provide an outlet for anxious, restless, or nervous behaviors,” Sandy explains. “Fidget toys/tools are often incorporated in the classroom to help children focus and improve learning. They can also help to calm an anxious student.”   These projects are easy for even the youngest student to create! The  back-to-school  bookmark only uses 3 craft supplies and one of the fidget toys uses 2!    Pencils top the school supply list! Why not personalize with creative

Keep Cool in the Summer with These Styling Tips

Even if you are the type of person who thrives on high temperatures and loves it when the height of summer rolls around , it is normal to find that sunshine and heat  aren't always a winning combination.   Overheating is an incredibly uncomfortable experience that can feel like an impossible challenge to ignore , especially if you are someone who prides themselves on their outward appearance. If you value looking good and therefore  don't  want to look  incredibly sweaty all summer long, here are some styling tips to help you out.   Be Prepared   Some people find that to avoid the heat of the sun, they simply close the blinds, remove their clothes , and turn on any fan that they might have.  However, avoiding the sun  doesn't necessarily mean being  as safe as possible. If you must venture outside despite the heat,  it is essential that you are prepared. Bring items such as: •  A water  bottle; •  Sunscreen ; •  A wide-brimmed  hat; •  A handheld fan , either electric or ma