Friday 22 July 2022

Top Beauty Tips for Going On Vacation

When going on vacation, you’re going to want to look your best, right? You’ve probably racked your brains when trying to figure out what to pack and what to leave behind at home. It’s no secret that makeup and skincare products can take up a lot of room in your luggage, especially if you are bringing along lots of clothes too. If you’ve got a ton of beauty products, ranging from mascara to moisturizer, you may even need to bring an extra bag with you, depending on how long you are going to be away from home. Some people prefer not to put on too much makeup when they are on vacation, due to the hot weather and full itineraries. 

There are a few steps you can take before you even board the plane, to make your beauty routine a whole lot easier.


Remember Your Sunscreen


Firstly, it’s important that you remember to pack plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. Human skin is extremely sensitive to sun rays and if you find yourself traveling to a hot country with plenty of sunshine forecasted, then you are going to need a plentiful supply of sunscreen. Luckily, this lifesaver is easy to find in shops all over the world, so there is no need to worry about running out. It’s best to be prepared and keep a supply in your hand luggage, that you can put on as soon as you step off of the plane. 


Brows And Lashes


Eyebrows can be tricky to maintain, and it’s probably the last thing you’re going to be thinking about, while enjoying yourself on vacation. That’s why many people recommend going to a beauty salon to get your eyebrows done professionally. Many beauty practices offer brilliant brow sessions - check out for some handy services. This helps to relieve the daily hassle of shaping your eyebrows. While you’re there, why not get your lashes done too? Lash extensions are a great way to reduce time in your makeup routine, as you won’t need to use any mascara!




It's not just makeup that you have to take into consideration when planning to travel abroad. If you’ve already got an extensive skincare routine, then you need to ensure that you are keeping up with it, to maintain its effectiveness. Whether you are traveling to a cold country that will more than likely dry out your skin, or you are flying to a warm country with a forecast of intense heat - you need to make sure you are bringing along the correct skincare for that climate.

Skincare has risen in popularity as of late, and for good reason. Skin health is just as important as general health, andlooking after your skin can be an excellent habit to get into.Even when on vacation, you should stick to your daily routine, even if it’s slightly shorter because you can’t fit everything in your suitcase. The staples are: some lip balm for chapped lips, moisturizer for dry skin, sunscreen for protection, and a cleansing face wash to get rid of all the dirt from the day.

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