Monday 18 July 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to Reducing Your Personal Carbon Footprint

Finally, people all over the country and further afield are realizing the supreme importance of doing their own individual ‘bit’ to help protect the natural environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainability is no longer just a good idea but a necessity if the planet is to carry on thriving for many generations to comeso here, on that note, is a comprehensive guide to reducing your personal carbon footprint.

Choose Clothing Stores Carefully

There are plenty of discounts and incredibly cheap clothing stores across the United States. Some of them make impressively high profits each and every year as more and more people choose a more sustainable way of living. 

However, you should now look to being more conscious of the ethics, moralsand general sustainability of the brand before you invest in their clothes and always check that they come with an eco-friendly guarantee.

In addition, look into second-hand clothes on popular websites such as the well-known second-hand site eBay, and ensurthat you take good care of items so that they last longer. 

Use Public Transport

Depending entirely on the nature of your job and your daily roles and responsibilities, it may well not be practical to use public transport all of the time. 

However, if you and one colleague or more live in the same neighborhood, opting to car share will reduce the amount of emissions emitted by your commute by halfand if possible, buses and cycling are both much better modes of transport for the environment. 

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Obviously, it is not financially viable to instantly replace perfectly good laundry machines and chillers if there is nothing particularly wrong with them.

However, when the time does come to replace an old appliance, choosing to invest in an energy-efficient one instead is a fantastically effective way of using less energy every month and subsequently reduce your carbon footprint. 

Furthermore, opting to use your central heating system only when absolutely necessary and instead treating yourself to a beautiful and opulent wood-burning stove from instead, will mean your home uses far less energy. 


Grocery Shopping

Food waste is criminally high not just here but in countries across the worldand if everyone only bought from the storewhat they needed, rather than overstocking their kitchens, this problem could be drastically reduced.

Additionally, limit your consumption of all meats, particularly beef, make sure to consume seasonal and local products, always bring your own bags when shoppingand only ever buy fish from a company that has sustainable fishing rules in place. 

Use Much Less Water

Finally, but just as importantly, one method of significantly reducing your overall carbon footprint is by using much less water. The number of different resources and energy it takes to deliver and initially process the water you access from your home is staggering.

It is for this reason that you should consciously use only the water you actually need. For example, if you are someone who enjoys a hot soak in the bathtub regularly, try and limit the days in which you indulge and have a shower some mornings instead.

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