Friday 12 August 2022

A Review of 3 Popular Children's Learning Apps

Children may be behind on their education if they are unable to go to school due to circumstances such as moving to another country, visiting to a sick relative, staying home while on quarantine, etc. Naturally, parents look for ways to engage their children academically during extended absences. The AI-driven apps that provide education and support learning outside the classroom are an excellent tool to keep students engaged out of school. This article will discuss popular kids apps that offer learning opportunities online for children.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids offers educational materials for children ages 2-7 in grammar, reading, math and problem-solving. This educational app offers thousands of books, music and games as well as activities hosted by online characters who help students to connect with the learning experience. 

The materials are designed to help children develop their skills in phonics and spelling, adding and subtracting, and counting. They also improve their ability to focus and remember. Materials can be customized for the following levels depending on the child’s stage: toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and first-graders.

Kids Academy Talented and Gifted App

The AI-geared Kids Academy app collection helps students better visualize and understand difficult subjects.

Their flagman, the Talented and Gifted app, provides an educational program for kids aged 2-10. It includes a progress tracker tool for parents and a reward game for children. This homeschool app has a lot of materials, including videos, quizzes and games.

The core of Kids Academy comprises approximately 3,000 interactive worksheets that cover all the important topics in elementary school and preschool. These worksheets cover mathematics, ELA and foundational reading as well as science, math, art and crafts and even chess. You can fill out these worksheets easily on any digital device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or directly on the Kids Academy website.

The Talented and Gifted app is designed to help children learn the core subjects in preschool and elementary school. It's carefully crafted and aligned with school standards.

Homer Learn & Grow

Homer Learn & Grow, like the Talented & Gifted app, is a well-known name in the educational apps industry. It is also a comprehensive learning app that provides learning games and materials for young learners. Homer's approach to learning is similar. It is structured into lessons that teach reading topics and allow practice and application of these skills. This helps to prepare children for the transferring of what they have learned to new situations. Homer Learn & Grow is a great option for teaching reading to your kids.

We hope you found this brief review helpful in helping to choose the right app for your child's next academic year.

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