Friday 26 August 2022

How to boost your child's interest in Landscape photography?

Earlier hobbies for children included dancing, painting, singing, etc. However, lately, the kids are growing interested in art forms like photography, cinematography, video editing, etc. 


The leading cause is exposure and access to the digital world and devices. Mobiles, tablets, and handy cameras make children curious about photography and capture nature and landscapes. 


So, if you have witnessed the same in your children, this guide is for you. We mention some tested methods to help you encourage them towards landscape photogra[hy. Scroll down for more. 


1. Get them a camera


You reap what you sow, so, to begin with, get your kids a camera. Access to the right equipment will encourage them to try their hand at photography from a different perspective. 


Today, mobiles and tablets also have good quality cameras with excellent features. You can also hand over your smartphone to the kids so that they can click pictures. 


Giving them access to suitable gear ignites their interest in photography. It should not be something with complex features. 


2. Provide them with information


More than anything, offering them information will work wonders for them. You can take photo walks with the children and click pictures from different angles. Ask them questions and expose them to different perspectives. 


Moreover, take them to exhibitions or show them artists' work online. For instance, search for sally mann photos and display the images to the child. It will give them inspiration on how photography has no limits. Whether they try to copy their work or learn the importance of light and focus creates a win-win situation. 


Be a listener; your child may ask similar questions to you, do not refrain from answering. The more information they collect about the art, the more they will indulge in it. 



3. Give them photographic parameters.


Instead of telling the kids to take pictures of something, give them the parameters to capture something intact. 


For instance, you can give them instructions to get five photos of bugs, seven pictures to represent the colors of a rainbow or capture five different flowers in the morning and the evening. 


When they complete a task, it is suggested to print the images. Children are great visual learners. They will notice the differences and would have some queries about the same. 


4. Compliments over criticism 


Understand that compliments work much better than criticism. When your younger one shows their work, offering unsolicited advice or criticism is natural. 


However, it would help if you concentrated on appreciating the work. You may notice the flaws in the image, such as lightning, underexposed, no context, and more. A lot of people react similarly, but kids have a fragile ego. 


They seek validation from you and not criticism. Simply put, you've to tell them their efforts are worthwhile. So, appreciate their lighting choice, color selection, and filters. 


5. Let them experiment


Budding photographers are curious about experimentation. Do not stop them from doing the same. Instead, let them do it and give them possibilities for new experiments. 


It can be gratifying to share your experiences and passion with the kids. You'd be amazed to see how they find their inspiration in the minor things. 


Final thoughts 


Nurturing a photographer can be challenging yet exciting. You see how children can be highly thoughtful about things you never thought about. Every kid is different, and the tactics may differ from these. If you've any other ideas, share them with us! 


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