Tuesday 30 August 2022

How is cosmetic gynecology helping women regain confidence?

Pregnancy, childbirth, aging, and hectic lifestyle can impact women's intimate areas. It can affect the health and the beauty of vagina. 


The most prevalent issues include urinal leakage, reduced sensitivity, pigmented skin, etc., around the vagina. They affect every aspect of a woman’s life.  


Doctors have come up with cosmetic gynecology as a solution to such issues. They use various procedures and techniques to deal with different gynae conditions. As a result, women regain confidence in their intimate and sexual life. 


This article mentions the procedures that help enhance labial problems. 


1. Labiaplasty 


Many women are unhappy with the shape and structure of their vaginas? Thus, they undergo a surgical procedure to improve their physical appearance. 


While some women want to enhance the vaginal length and reduce the protruding skin. Others choose labiaplasty with Rejuvenate NJ to cut the pain during intercourse.


The process may take 2-4 hours, depending on the condition. It may take 4-6 weeks for the patient to recover after the surgery. Surgeons recommend restrictions on a few activities, such as heavy exercises. 


2. Hymenoplasty 


It is hymen repair and reconstruction surgery. Women who have weakened vaginal tissue are good candidates for this surgery. When you get the hymen repaired, you will notice an improvement in vaginal functions. These include sexuality, bowel movements, and bladder functions. 


Some women have thin hymen, while others a thick hymen that is hard to break and causes pain during intercourse. Moreover, the dense tissue also obstructs the blood outflow. 


It has been noticed that the hymen gets hypersensitive while intercourse or during the insertion of tampons, thus, causing pain. In such cases, gynecologists suggest a hymenoplasty to ease the pain and improve internal functions. 


3. Perineoplasty 


Vaginal delivery is among the significant reasons for perineum damage. The overstretching of the vaginal opening leads to the breaking of the perineum tissue. 


Women with damaged perineum tissues often complain of


● looseness
● urinal leakage
● recurring vaginal infections
● and excessive vaginal discharge. 


Therefore, doctors perform perineoplasty to repair the damaged tissue and reduce the gap between the vagina and the anus. Once recovered from the surgery, women feel improvement in their bowel emptying functions and experience less vaginal irritation. 


4. Clitoral hood reduction


This procedure is conducted in combination with labiaplasty. Whether you have a labia minora or majora reduction surgery, it can be combined with any of those. 


Many women have excess tissue from folds left around the labia. The clitoral hood protects the clitoris from external damages such as rough clothing, irritants, etc. However, excessive tissue can itself become an irritant. 


Thus, doctors perform clitoral hood reduction surgery to remove the extra tissue. It is an outpatient procedure and takes about an hour to complete. You can get a more compact appearance by reducing the size of the hood. The closure is done using absorbable sutures. 


Final thoughts 


The different cosmetic gynecological procedures aim to help women medically and aesthetically. Some of these techniques are not required medically. However, women pick those to feel confident with their internal appearance. Whether you do it for medical goals or to improve the aesthetics of your intimate area, it is vital to consult the surgeon and discuss the expectations. 


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