Monday 15 August 2022

Low Effort Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

Homes are not meant to be kept perfectly spotless or organized. They are meant to be lived in and enjoyed by you and your family, and this often involves a certain level of untidiness. However, if you live a busy life, it is all too easy to put off the chore of cleaning and let the mess build up to the point where it becomes a monolithic task that you are dreading to tackle. Here are a few simple ways you can stay in control of the mess levels and keep your home clean without stress.


Build Tidy Habits


The first and most difficult part of keeping your home clean for extended periods of time is learning new habits that help you to stay disciplined and keep on top of the mess when it arises. Instead of ignoring chores and letting them pile up, address them as soon as possible. This means making sure that there are no dirty dishes left in the kitchen at the end of the day and that you do laundry as frequently as necessary to keep the hamper from overflowing. Habits can be tricky to embed, so be patient with yourself and acknowledge your progress as you go.


Avoid Materials that are Difficult to Keep Clean


Some materials are much more difficult to keep clean and fresh compared to others. For example, leather and plastic furniture can be wiped clean, whereas some softer fabrics such as velvet or wool easily absorb stains and can take longer to clean. You can decorate your home strategically so that everything is made of a material that is designed to survive unexpected messes. Look for wooden floors in Balham if you want some inspiration for easy-to-clean flooring materials. When you don't have to be too vigilant about the potential mess that might linger after a spill or an accident, you will find that your home is easier to clean and looks fresher more often than not.


Prepare for Messy Situations


There are times in life where mess is to be expected. Events such as family gatherings, babysitting, looking after someone's pet, or hosting a party all involve a level of untidiness. Instead of worrying about the mess that will most likely follow an event in your home, prepare for it by anticipating the likely tasks you'll need to complete the next day. This might mean knowing that if you have a birthday party for your childthen you will probably need to vacuum up food debris on the floor and wipe sticky hand prints from your table. It's easier to keep your home clean when you aren't surprised by messy occasions.


Decide Your Own Acceptable Level of Mess


Not everyone has the same expectations for their home and its level of tidiness. Perhaps you want your home to be as spotless as possible most of the time, or maybe you don't mind a bit of clutter here and there so long as everything is clean. Work out your acceptable personal level of mess, so you don't feel stressed.

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