Friday 2 September 2022

4 Warning signs to replace your old AC unit

We all want to live in comfort, right? 
So, we install different home equipment for conveniences, such as Ac units, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. 
Like other electrical products, ACs offer many benefits, such as reducing humidity and asthma attacks and offering better air quality. However, you can not have the benefits of using the same unit for years on one go. 
There comes a time when you have to install a new unit to keep the home temperature in check and reap other perks. So read on to know the warning signs indicating that you need a brand new air conditioner or ac repair in Suffolk,VA. Depending on whether or not you have been maintaining your unit over the years you may be able to get away with a simple repair rather than replacement so be sure to call the pros and see what the verdict is.


1. Rising utility bills


The AC unit average adds to 46% of the monthly energy bill. As the AC loses its efficiency, it will add to your utility bills. 


So, instead of paying extra monthly power bills, you can spare the money and replace the unit with a new one. 


Efficiency is related to the team size per room, the unit's age, etc. It means that you must be aware of the monthly consumption, so you can compare it when needed. 


2. The unit is over ten years old 


Every electrical appliance has an approximate lifespan. Likewise, an AC unit is expected to run properly for ten years. 
Experts suggest that older AC units tend to experience frequent breakdowns. As a result, it does not cool down the room adequately. So, if your AC is nearing or has crossed the ten-year mark, it is a sensible financial decision to replace it with a new and efficient model. 
For instance, you can install a smart window air conditioner with the latest features. It will save you money and assist in upgrading your home into a tech-smart property. 


3. Repair costs are rising 


Whenever there is some issue in the unit, we tend to get it restored by a technician. Typically, everyone gets service to regulate the unit's functioning before the beginning of a season. These overhauls include filter change, compressor cleaning, and more. 
However, If you are witnessing frequent high-cost repairs such as repeated compressor replacement, it is high time you replace the unit. 
According to studies, buying a new temperature control unit can save up to 20%-40% on repair costs. Spending money on a new team is far better than digging a hole in your pocket for recurrent restoration. 


4. Strange noises 


Have you been noticing weird sounds from the air conditioner? Do you hear buzzing, clicking, or banging sounds? If yes, it is a warning sign to install a new unit in the room. 
A clicking sound depicts an issue in the electrical part of the unit. For instance, the motor may have gone wrong and needs a replacement. 
The buzzing noise can state something wrong with the fan blades, air filters, or compressor. You should never ignore a clanking noise, as it shows a broken metallic part. 
So, you will benefit by investing in a new model instead of running for restoration. 


Final words 


It is not always uncomplicated to know when to repair your air conditioner. However, if it is not fulfilling the purpose, you must get a new one. You can call technicians to inspect the unit and suggest the best action. 


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